More motoring fines could be on way as new enforcement cameras planned for Blackpool

Blackpool Council wants to introduce bus lane enforcement cameras on part of Market Street, Church Street and Corporation Street.

Wednesday, 25th August 2021, 5:03 pm
Updated Wednesday, 25th August 2021, 5:04 pm
The proposed area of enforcement of the new bus lane cameras in Blackpool town centre

The council is proposing to install the cameras, which will enforce restrictions between the hours of 10.30am and 6pm, on the corner of West Street behind the Municipal Buildings and on the corner of Market Street and Church Street, to deter drivers who flout the law by driving in areas designated for buses and taxis.

As part of ‘Making Blackpool Better’ plans, Corporation Street now has more space for buses to stop and wait, making it easier for passengers to connect with other services in the town centre. Recent work has included widening the road for safer access for buses and taxis, as well as improving the road and pavement surfaces.

If approved, the next phase of the plans would include the introduction of the cameras. Cabinet Member approval has been granted for the council to publish public notices in The Gazette. From the date the notices are placed (September 6), there is a minimum three-week consultation period during which any comments will be considered.

Only buses, taxis and authorised vehicles will be permitted during those times, and clearly signposting will ensure that motorists are aware that enforcement is taking place.

If installation proceeds, an initial grace period will be in place during which any unauthorised driver using the bus lanes will be issued with a warning letter rather than a fine.

As part of the plans, drivers who persist in using the bus lanes will be fined £60, reduced to £30, if paid within 14 days but increased to £90 if not pad after 28 days.

Coun Neal Brookes, Blackpool Council’s Cabinet Member for Enforcement, Public Safety, Highways and Transport, said: “ “The bus lanes are there to give priority for buses and introducing the cameras would help to ensure that everyone follows the rules, and the system works as it should.

“In the past, people have abused the bus lane by parking in taxi and bus bays. Hopefully the introduction enforcement cameras can provide a deterrent to any driver who is tempted to abuse the bus lane.”