Want to tweet, councillors? Just be careful!

Councillors in Wyre are being warned against making libellous comments and posting on social media after they have had a drink.

Former Wyre Mayor Bob Williamson

Tributes paid after death of former mayor

Tributes have been paid to one of Wyre’s most popular mayors, Bob Williamson, who has died, aged 85.

Coroner Peter Sigee warned that cyclists could die because of new Government rules relaxing repairs to deep potholes

New pothole repair rules will increase risk of cycling deaths, coroner warns

Cyclists could die because of new Government rules relaxing repairs to deep potholes, a coroner has warned.

Lancashire County Council leader Geoff Driver

Geoff Driver: My vision to tackle funding black hole

Lancashire County Council leader Geoff Driver CBE has been underfire over plans to shake-up County Hall. Here he explains the steps he is taking to change the authority.

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The disgraced former Tory deputy chairman believes the country is "sick of elections"

Lord Archer: Corbyn will become Prime Minister if election is held next year

Lord Jeffrey Archer has predicted the Conservatives will lose the next election if it takes place in 2018.

Wyre Council hopes to bring in the new measures next week

Fines plan to tackle fraud over benefits

Housing benefit claimants who are overpaid because they don’t tell the council about a change in personal circumstances face being hit with a £50 fine.
Lancashires new first lady Angie Ridgwell takes over the top job in January

Angie leaves government to take over County Hall

From Whitehall to County Hall might seem a curious step to take for a top civil servant like Angie Ridgwell.
Gerald Grosvenor, sixth Duke of Westminster, who died last year after falling ill near Garstang

Duke’s family ‘had no tax haven cash’

The international property empire of the Dukes of Westminster has flatly denied that any family member has benefitted from investments in tax havens abroad.
Labour MP Cat Smith

‘He delved for a kiss that wasn’t invited’

All political parties have a “responsibility” to deal with sexual harassment, Fleetwood MP Cat Smith has said, following her own experiences as a young activist.

At the end of last year, there were nearly 56,000 "declared absconders"

56,000 foreign nationals disappear off Home Office radar

Tens of thousands of foreign nationals including convicted criminals and illegal immigrants have disappeared off the Home Office's radar, it has emerged.

The group is calling for childcare to be subsidised from when a child is six months old

Campaigners protest to improve rights for working mothers

A campaign to improve rights for working mothers is being stepped up with a series of protests across the UK.

Edwina Currie, junior health minister in the 80s

You can't ban making a pass at someone from workplace - Edwina Currie

A former Conservative junior minister has said people need to learn how to reject advances at work "without upsetting people".
Royal Air Force Squadron Leader Andy Edgell, the UK's lead test pilot, using a specialist fighter jet simulator at BAE Systems in Warton

Role of simulator hailed in preparing pilots for flying new fighter

A specialist fighter jet simulator facility, where a cost-saving landing method was developed, is a "critical piece of the puzzle" for pilots preparing for flight trials off HMS Queen Elizabeth.

Wyre Council is considering introducing fines for feeding seagulls in Cleveleys and Fleetwood

Hundreds comment on Wyre Council's seagull fine plan

More than 300 people had their say on proposals to ban the feeding of seagulls in certain areas of Cleveleys, Fleetwood, and Knott End.

The debate resumes at County Hall, Preston,  today

Lancashire County Council leader Geoff Driver could face a no-confidence vote today

The leader of Lancashire County Council Coun Geoff Driver could face renewed calls for his resignation today
Council leader County Coun Geoff Driver

Will unstunned halal meat stay on Lancashire school dinner's menu?

A decision on whether Lancashire schools will in future serve halal meat butchered only from  pre-stunned animals is to be made by county councillors today.
County Coun John Fillis, Deputy leader of the county council's Labour group

No mayor for Lancashire

The dream of appointing a mayor for the whole of Lancashire has died.
A former council transport chief has warned the cuts could lead to more traffic accidents

Crash risk warning over highways cuts in Lancashire

A decision to slash the budget for renewing road signs and highway markings in Lancashire will put lives at risk, critics claim.
Labour's deputy leader County Coun John Fillis highlights the problem of roads where marking will not be renewed

Halving Lancashire's road signs budget will cost lives warning

A decision to slash the budget for renewing road signs and highway markings in Lancashire will put lives at risk, critics claim.

Peter Rankin

Will Brexit kill off Lancashire devolution?

Hopes of a pioneering Lancashire devolution deal being in place before 2020 could be killed off by Brexit, Preston’s council leader has said.
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