Rescuers come to aid of jet-skis stranded on the sandbanks off the coast of Fleetwood

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Two jet-skis had to be towed to safety after being stranded on the sandbanks off the coast of Fleetwood.

The stricken water sport vehicles were spotted by National Coastwatch volunteers manning the Rossall Point observation tower, with a lifeboat and crew from the town's RNLI station called out alongside Coastguard rescuers at around 4pm yesterday.

Coastguard officer Mark Sumner said the jet-skis, ridden over from Knott End by two men, were around a mile out at sea. One had broken down, with the other also becoming stranded after trying to come to his aid, he said.

The sand was too soft to launch a rescue attempt with a tractor or 4x4 with trailer, he added, with the jet-skis brought back by the lifeboat late last night once the tide had come back in.

Neither man was hurt.