Letters - January 11, 2020

Oz PM should have asked for fire help

Saturday, 11th January 2020, 8:00 am
Are you donating to help Australia recover from the bush fires?

Why has the Australian Government not asked for help with the horrendous bush fires?

They are not coping and need more firefighters and fire-fighting planes, which are available to borrow in several countries.

America has eight planes available at 24-hours’ notice and have sent 100 firefighters, with more to follow.

The Australian Government should have been better prepared for the fires, which are now a regular occurrence.

Britain should send some of our overseas aid to help the families whose lives have been devastated, losing homes, livestock and businesses, instead of sending it to countries which don’t need it.

Terry Watson

via email

Regarding the severe fires in Australia, I would like to make a donation.

However, I have seen nothing on the television or newspapers on where you can make a donation.

I would be grateful if anyone could give me any assistance in this matter.

Charlie Telfer

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Time to scrap folly of HS2

Now is the time to scrap the HS2 project – £108bn is the latest prediction, nearly double the first estimate and predicted to rise further. When it is finished, only the rich will be able to afford the fares.

The antiquated rail system we have at the present time has some fares that are more expensive than flying, and we would most likely get the same excuses for delays as we get today (leaves on lines, rails buckling through hot weather, flood, landslide, etc).

All the money being spent on this so-called ‘white elephant’ could make a vast difference to other projects that are far more urgent than a rich man’s rail service – and many people would not have their houses stolen from them by the compulsory purchase scheme.

The money could be used for the NHS, policing, schools, flood defences, the present rail system and many other worthwhile causes.

I’m sure it will be of benefit to far more people than the way over-priced HS2.

If there was a referendum on HS2 then you would see a landslide result.

It would be ‘Scrap it’ because the people don’t need it.

Dave Crocuher

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Deserving people being missed out

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the New Year honours were awarded only to those individuals who have made significant and selfless acts/contributions, solely for the benefit of others or the environment around them?

Around 18 months ago, a friend of mine nominated a lady who had dedicated 18 years of her life/unpaid time to a thriving animal charity which she set up with her husband. Sadly, it seems this nominee has been overlooked, despite her hard work and complete dedication to the cause.

Perhaps if the nominee had been employed in a controversial scheme, or executive position, where they had already received a substantial salary plus bonuses, they may have received a knighthood. Congratulations to those deserving individuals who have fairly earned honours and who serve to act as inspiring role models for the rest of us.

Jimmy Firth

via email


How about ‘Have a healthy New Year?’

Those of us who are ‘getting on a bit’ are customarily reminded in early January by relations and friends to have a Happy New Year. Would it not be more appropriate, at this later stage of life, for them to hope we also enjoy a Healthy New Year?

Ruthven Urquhart

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