Mystery of old programme in year of flood

Can any Weekly News readers solve this little puzzle?

Thursday, 4th August 2016, 12:00 pm
Updated Thursday, 4th August 2016, 1:04 pm
Ann Andrew, of Broadway in Fleetwood, who has unearthed a leaflet/programme from 1927. PIC BY ROB LOCK 27-7-2016

Fleetwood woman Ann Andrew, of Broadway, came into possession of this old programme which dates from February 2 1927.

It was an eventful year for Fleetwood - that was the year when the town experienced a major flood in the October which left many streets several feet deep in water.

Ann, who runs the mobile fish-selling business, Ann’s Fish Bar, received the souvenir leaflet from an old friend who left it to her after she died. Grandmother Ann, 73, was so impressed with it she had a special colour poster of it made.

However, she has no idea about the actual event connected to the programme.

On the cover of the four-page programme, featuring blue print on smooth white paper, are the words ‘Souvenir - Fleetwood Old Folks Treat’. Inside is a menu - pressed beef, roast pork, boiled ham, tongue and sweets. It states that ‘tea, sugar and tobacco will be distributed after the entertainment’. And the entertainment features a long bill of artistes - no less than 20 in all.

They include comedian Mr Tim Coleman performing amusing songs, W Hesketh ‘the mighty baritone’ singing ‘Will o’th’ Wisp’ and the Wyrelon Syncopated Orchestra introduced by Mr H Cartman.

On the back cover is a charming drawing of two fish characters dressed up for a night out. But there is no mention of where the event was actually held.

Ann said: “It is such an intriguing item - obviously someone has gone to a lot of effort to put this event on and have this lovely programme printed, but there is no hint about what the event was.”

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