Temple warriors to stage a Grand show

Shaolin Warriors at the Grand Theatre, Blackpool.
Shaolin Warriors at the Grand Theatre, Blackpool.

EVERYBODY is Kung-Fu fighting for a ticket to the breathtaking new show from the Shaolin Warriors – Legendary Masters of Kung-Fu at Blackpool’s Grand Theatre on Sunday.

The Shaolin Warriors are performers of Shaolin-style martial arts – a major genre within the Kung-Fu and Chinese martial arts world.

The thrilling theatrical performance direct from China vividly showcases the rarely seen Kung-Fu masters’ feats of agility, strength and skill.

Featuring Buddhist meditation and rigorous martial arts training, the brand new production is an extravaganza of gorgeous scenery, atmospheric music, beautiful lights and hundreds of costumes, featuring 22 professionally-trained Kung-Fu masters.

Director Stephen Leatherland says of the 2011 show: “Shaolin Warriors is most definitely a family show.

In particular there’s a teaching sequence with children from the audience who experience being taught Kung-Fu live on stage!

“And this year we’ve also looked to recreate the production especially for the UK audience – making it more interactive, more attractive and ultimately, more exciting.”

Sunday’s show starts at 7.30pm, with ticket prices starting at £15.50 and more details are available from the box office on (01253) 290190.

Shaolin Warriors at the Grand Theatre, Blackpool