Check out the Crucible

Poulton Drama prepare for their production of The Crucible.
Poulton Drama prepare for their production of The Crucible.

A LANDMARK play of the 20th century which looks at witch hunts, superstition and persecution, is being staged by Poulton Drama this week.

They are performing The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, at Thornton Little Theatre, from Wednesday, November 23 to Saturday, November 26, at 7.30pm each night.

The play is set against the Puritan strictures of a 17th century New England town, Salem, where a mad hunt for witches takes place amid mounting hysteria.

Despite the setting, Miller was really making a point about the McCarthy “witch hunts” of the 1950s, in which anti-Communist fear and paranoia led to many writers, film-makers and actors being actively persecuted by the US establishment.

Despite the fact that Miller had 20th century concerns in mind, his play brilliantly evokes the atmosphere of 17th century colonial America, and is based on real life events.

Director Chris Taylor said: “This play still speaks to audiences today in that same way as when Miller wrote it. Fundamentally, it is about justice not witchcraft.

“Although extremely challenging to stage, the process has been both exciting and rewarding and I have no doubt that our audience will be gripped.”

Michel Houldsworth and Holly Lawrence head a cast of more than 20 talented local actors, including young performers.

Tickets cost £7 for adults and £5 for patrons and students. Phone (01253) 894330 for details.