REVIEW: The Blackpool Tower Circus

Blackpool Tower Circus 2015 Season Images  Picture: Jason Lock
Blackpool Tower Circus 2015 Season Images Picture: Jason Lock

In an age of special effects and computer generated imagery, it’s no easy feat to keep the tradition of The Blackpool Tower Circus fresh.

But director Laci Endresz Senior certainly manages it – with a thrilling show packed with sky high stunts, sprinkled with circus magic.

The show kicked off with a polished performance from the Bokafi Boys as they wowed the audience with energetic plunges, flips and somersaults – with one performer even defying gravity by keeping his hat on all the while.

Next up was the Gerling Troup from Colombia with their heart in mouth high wire stunts and balance tricks– including a headstand on a rope without a harness .

The Comanche Warriors were a real hit with their energetic twists, back flips and human pyramid.

I can only imagine how an argument is settled in The Brophy Family household after seeing their whip cracking talents. How they didn’t whip the side of someone’s ear off I don’t know; their precision and skill was sensational.

More feats of physical prowess came from the Superbowl Flyers as they sky-walked their way around the edge of a gigantic turning wheel while the unicycle skills of Duo Hatton and quick changes Duo Monastyrsky were impressive.

And the NYPD Globe Riders were the real showstoppers performing dare devil moves in a huge metal ball.

With my circus fan husband – who spent his childhood summers backstage at a family friend’s circus – in tow, we both came to the conclusion it was the best Tower Circus we’d had the pleasure of watching so far.

The stars of the show Mooky and Mr Boo add that circus magic with their slapstick humour while the lively music brought an extra special touch.

With members of the audience even trickling into the balconies, it’s clear love for the circus is still abound. And as Mr Endresz told us he is constantly scouting new talent across the world, we’re already wondering what adrenalin fuelled acts he’ll bring for his silver jubilee circus next year.