Urban crew are in the mood for dancing

The Moods
The Moods

A newly-expanded collective of producers, poets and musicians are promising a night ‘to make you dance, and then make you think’.

Manchester based 10-piece The Moods come to Blackpool’s underground music venue tomorrow night, supporting hip-hop long runners DJ Format and Abdominal, alongside local act Eye The Bomb.

Moods’ rapper Louis Curtis said the group are looking forward to bringing their combination of drum and bass, reggae and hip-hop to the resort, hoping to find new fans and get them dancing.

Alongside their urban roots, The Moods formed 10 years ago and Louis joined in 2015, the latest additions are a classically-trained violinist and a brass player.

“If you’ve never heard of us you don’t know what to expect, we get that a bit,” he said. “But it just works really well.

“We come from different musical backgrounds but it just comes together.

“Because there’s 10 of us, especially in a small venue, you can see people thinking ‘OK...’ and not having the highest hopes but they can’t help but dance and have a great time along with us.

“We have a hard core group of fans but there are more and more people coming along to our dates as time goes on.

“We lay on coaches to our gigs from Manchester, so we’ll have a good crowd in Blackpool, but there’s always new faces too.

“We’re looking forward to being on with DJ Format and Abdominal, they are legends - I’ve listened to them for ages.”

Long-standing collaborators Southampton-born DJ Format and Abdominal, from Toronto, come to Bootleg on the second leg of their tour promoting their first full-length album together Still Hungry, hitting towns off the beaten track.