Telling Alfie’s story

Artwork for Alfie Boe's new album Storyteller
Artwork for Alfie Boe's new album Storyteller

IT’S the album he’s always wanted to make – and it’s out in a few weeks.

Fleetwood opera star Afie Boe says he is particularly excited about the new release, Storyteller.

The 38-year-old singer’s sixth record is due for release on Monday November 12, and the artwork has just been agreed by the record company.

The album consists of classic songs performed in Alfie’s inimitable style and the singer says he cannot wait for it to be unveiled.

He said: “Storyteller is an album I have always wanted to make, with some of the greatest songs ever written.

“I chose the title Storyteller, because it’s a description of every singer out there really.

“Every singer from every genre of music. All we do as singers is tell stories and to portray those stories as best as we possibly can.

“For where I am in my musical life, I couldn’t be happier.

“I want my audience to be on this musical journey with me.

“I don’t want to let people off at a station, I want them to stay on for the whole trip and I think the gradual progression through my albums is hopefully going to do that.

“I want to thank all my fans for being with me on my musical journey.”

The big announcement came after Alfie performed with rock royalty at the Albert Hall this weekend as one of the stars of The Sunflower Jam 2012.

The event was organised to raise awareness for natural remedies in association with the College of Medicine, Alliance for Natural Health International, as well as to bring in funds for people suffering from pancreatic cancer.

Alfie sang Rock n Roll by Led Zeppelin followed by Foreigner classic I Want to Know What Love Is and for the show’s finale he joined other artists on stage for a rousing rendition of Deep Purple’s Smoke on The Water, as a tribute to organist Jon Lord who died recently.

After his first two songs, the legendary Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson took to the stage and said: “Two words - ALFIE BOE - I’m not worthy.”

Alfie has a story unrivalled in the music industry after starting out as a mechanic at TVR in Bispham before his singing career took off bringing world stardom.

And that fascinating tale is now out there for everyone to read following another recent release - Alfie’s autobiography, My Story.

The book covers various aspects of Alfie’s life, including growing up in Fleetwood.

And it includes his unlikely story to stardom, relating how he joined amateur operatic societies to “pull more girls” and then got his amazing break when a customer at the TVR sports car factory, where he worked, heard him sing.

He urged the 19-year-old Alfie to audition at London’s D’Oyly Carte – and the rest is history.

With a new album and a book out, Alfie’s star looks likely to soar even higher – but the singer remains down-to earth and has never forgotten his Fleetwood roots.