New rock band could unleash a monster!

Boneyard Zombies make their debut this Friday at the Blue Room.
Boneyard Zombies make their debut this Friday at the Blue Room.

A NEW rock band bringing together some top Fleetwood musicians will make their live debut this Friday.

The splendidly-named Boneyard Zombies mix up a lively cocktail of different rock genres to create a monster of a sound.

And with a highly creative Youtube video already aired to give music fans a taste of things to come, the combo look set to make a big impact this year.

The band mix together influences such as psychobilly, voodoo punk, Goth/horror and garage rock. Lead singer is Dunk Rock, well known for his work with The Shining Sons and UFX.

Drummer Tommy Couch and bass player Wild Dice Wilkinson play with punk band One Way System, the legendary Fleetwood combo who became massive across Europe and in Japan.

Tommy has also been voted in the top 10 punk drummers of all time. And cunningly disguised guitarist Syd Zilla has played for Alice Cooper, Jon Anderson of Yes and Alan Parsons. He was also vocalist on Rick Wakeman’s Return to the Centre of the Earth.

The band already have a fully recorded album in the can and more can be expected of that a little later in the year. This Friday’s gig is at popular music venue the Blue Rooms pub, on Church Street, Blackpool. Boneyard Zombies open proceedings from around 9pm.

The Blue Rooms event is a double header, with the second half of the night given to Vince Ripper and the Rodent Show from around 11pm.

This ghoulish DJ and MC show creates a Gothic horror party atmosphere, a live DJ creepshow featuring garage or “boneyard” sounds from the 1950s and 60s.

Vince and his rodent sidekick (Ratfink from Dunk’s band UFX) act out as two crazy DJs on a stage set furnished with skulls, playing sounds from the likes of Screaming Lord Sutch and Hank Mizell. Boneyard Zombies have further performances in Fleetwood and Blackpool lined up for the summer. Click here to watch their promo video.