DJ breathes new life into Roy Orbinson classic track

Resort entertainer: David Moore
Resort entertainer: David Moore
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The man behind one of Roy Orbinson’s biggest hits is backing entertainer David Moore’s new mix of the track.

David, a regular in venues around Blackpool - known by his stage name DJ Dave Bear, says Penny Arcade is an eternally popular track for his audiences - of all ages.

Preston-based studios Pumpin UK Records got in touch with David after seeing a video of him using the track on YouTube, and asked him to work sing lead vocals on a new 2014 remix of it.

But when it was promoted on Facebook, people were asking if permissions had been sought to use the material. It had been, by Punkin UK, but David became curious about the song’s author Sammy King.

He tracked him down to Heckmondwike in Yorkshire and struck up a friendship, over their shared love of the record.

David, 44, said: “When I contacted Sammy, who’s in his 70s, he was thrilled at what we were doing, loved the track and was really happy with it.

“From something that started out as a bit of fun it has taken us by storm - it’s even coming up on iTunes and other music sales sites now.

“It’s amazing really.”

Sammy and his wife Lynda will be joining David tomorrow for a ‘good old party night’ at St Chad’s Hotel for a launch party for the new recording, which will raise money for Brian House hospice.

In the 60s, Sammy was responsible for producing records by stars of the time, including the Rolling Stones and The Beatles.

“He’s a definite legend,” said David. “I was born in 1970, so he was working with these bands even before that. But I have spoken to my older relatives and they are so impressed by what’s happened.

“It’s a real honour for Sammy to come along and give his support, especially as we’re helping Brian House.

“It will be the more the merrier, so come along and join the party.”

The free launch at St Chad’s Hotel, on the Promenade, starts at 8pm.

DJ Dave Bear will also be joined by singer Ryan Cregan, and there will be bingo, karaoke and a raffle for Brian House.