West End spectacular Burlesque'd opens for UK tour at Viva Blackpool

Burlesque - A Stage Spectacular
Burlesque - A Stage Spectacular

A Blackpool stage actor and director is bringing his West End stage spectacular to home shores.

The highly acclaimed Burlesque’d - A Stage Spectacular, written and created by Ashley Luke Lloyd, flys into the resort for its UK tour opening this weekend, at Viva.

Ashley, 28, is bringing the original cast from the London production as well as two new additions fellow Fylde born actresses Emmerdale star Kelsey Beth Crossley and Eden Kippax.

The show which sees a fusion of circus acts, showgirls, music and a dance wrapped in a Hollywood love story has been playing at The Aeronaut Theatre in London to rave reviews.

Former Bispham High School Arts College pupil Ashley, who has appeared in Dreamgirls, Mamma Mia! and Flashdance says he is excited to present the show and shine a spotlight on his hometown, he said: “I can’t wait for the Blackpool audience to see the show it breathes showbiz and glamour and the lights might have turned off now but Viva Blackpool this Saturday will be glowing.

“I feel like this show links the entertainment heart of Blackpool and the buzz of the West End perfectly together and I cannot wait to see everybody immersed into the Burlesque’d world.

Burlesque'd- A Stage Spectacular opens at Viva Blackpool November 9.

Burlesque'd- A Stage Spectacular opens at Viva Blackpool November 9.

The cast are currently rehearsing for the show at Ashley's Scream Theatre School, in Wareham Road, where Ashley previously trained as a youngster.

Kelsey Beth Crossley, from Fleetwood, who played Scarlett Nicholls, in the award-winning soap opera for five years said: "I’m so excited. I love Blackpool, I think it’s a fantastic place to live when you love live entertainment and showbiz.

"The Blackpool audience, from my experience everyone is always having a great time here and that’s what going to a show is all about, having a wonderful time and I love being a part of that."

The show, which uses Cirque elements with the Silks and Hoop Artists, also includes Blackpool actress Eden Kippax, who recently played Dolly in Hello Dolly at the Blackpool Grand Theatre.

Ashley Luke Lloyd, Eden Kippax and Kelsey Beth Crossley who all hail from the Fylde coast

Ashley Luke Lloyd, Eden Kippax and Kelsey Beth Crossley who all hail from the Fylde coast

She said: "Performing in my hometown is something that is very special to me because this is where I learned my craft, started my career and made my mistakes so it’s truly where I learned to grow as a performer.

"Also working with Ashley, who gave me the confidence and saw a spark in me when I was younger and saw a spark in me at an age where I couldn’t.

He taught me transform my talent into a career and an art-form, so I’m very pleased and proud to be performing where it all started again."

The original London Cast members include Brooke Havana Bailey (Billy Elliot) Valentina Candiani (Moscow State Circus) Emily Rae, Carol Somers, Elise Wognum, Katie Bull, James Paton and Lauren Hill Burlesque’d fuses the world of Musical Theatre and the Mystery of Cirque together to create a theatrical adventure.

Doors open at 7pm and Tickets are from £20 at vivablackpool.com