There’s simply no stopping super trooper Elisha

Breaking an arm proves little hindrance to Elisha Sheppard
Breaking an arm proves little hindrance to Elisha Sheppard

The show must go on!

When 10-year-old Elisha Sheppard broke her arm in four places, she didn’t let it stop her from taking to the stage to sing her little heart out.

I want to be a singer and performer when I’m older

The brave Manor Beach Primary School pupil, from Thornton, underwent five operations on her left arm and was diagnosed with compartment syndrome – a serious condition which causes painful bleeding and swelling in a bundle of muscles – after falling over a picket fence,

But, despite having her arm in a cast from her wrist to her elbow, she took part in Starmaker Performing Arts Academy’s show at Viva, Blackpool, and is planning to perform in Britain’s Got Talent closed auditions at the academy on Monday.

Elisha was with her mother Emma, father Paul and sister Bethany in Swindon for her grandfather John Jones’ funeral when she fell over the fence, damaging her arm.

Her mother Emma said: “Things just went from bad to worse. She broke her arm in four places and after the operation she was screaming in pain.

“It was the swelling in her arm; it was too much.

“It’s a really serious condition. She could have lost her arm.

“But she was more upset about missing her grandad’s funeral. He was a Welsh choir singer and she is the only other singer in the family. They shared a special bond.”

When the family returned home, Elisha successfully auditioned for Starmaker Performing Arts Academy’s summer show – and even won the academy’s best singer award. Elisha said: “It was a bit tricky to dance with my arm in a cast but it was fine and I didn’t let it hold me back.”

The young performer, who sang Part of Your World from the Disney classic, The Little Mermaid, at the Viva show last month, added: “I want to be a singer and performer when I’m older.

“I like to sing pop songs and musical theatre songs from the West End.”

Elisha has been left with some scarring and restricted movement in a couple of her fingers – but she’s determined not to let it deter her ambition.

Emma added: “She was upset about the scars at first but now she embraces them. They are here to remind her of everything she has overcome. Elisha is incredible.”

And Starmaker Performing Arts Academy co-founder and director Liz Hames said: “She has been a little fighter.

“Things haven’t gone to plan with Elisha’a recovery but she keeps going in the face of adversity and has got through to the Starmaker’s elite group to audition in front of Britain Got Talent’s production team.

“She has a gorgeous voice and beautiful presence on stage.”