Lucy Fallon’s TV debut is ahead

Lucy as Bethany on the cobbles
Lucy as Bethany on the cobbles

Family and friends will be gathering round the TV tomorrow night as Blackpool’s latest star of the small screen makes her debut.

Lucy Fallon joined the cast of Coronation Street in January to play troubled teen Bethany Platt.

I don’t think I’ll be able to watch, it will be really embarrassing

And after weeks spent filming on the hallowed cobbles, she will finally be seen on screens – arriving from Milan, where she lives with mum Sarah-Louise.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to watch, it will be really embarrassing,” the 19-year-old ex-Hodgson Academy pupil said.

“We’re having a party at my sister’s, with family and friends to watch it there.

“And I’m sure mum and dad will be popping Champagne corks.” Lucy’s big break was extra lucky. After getting to the final two to play the 14-year-old character and being told ‘no’, she was called back when it emerged that the actress they had chosen lied about her age, claiming she was 19 when she was actually 25.

“I thought it would be hard to play Bethany as I’m 19, but it’s been quite easy as she doesn’t act her age,” Lucy added, admitting she was ‘petrified, really nervous’ on her first day.

“But it’s fun, she’s an exciting character and a troublemaker.”

Lucy’s on-screen family, the Platts, are one of Coronation Street’s most iconic clans – gran Gail has been played by Helen Worth for 40 years, and actress Tina O’Brien will soon be back as Sarah-Louise after tracking her daughter back to Weatherfield.

“They have been really helpful and I’ve been getting loads of advice, Helen and Tina especially,” said Lucy, who trained at the Barbara Jackson Theatre Arts Centre and is represented by Scream Management, after they approached her dance teacher Lorraine Hill looking for new talent.

For now, Lucy’s keeping her feet firmly on the ground, commuting from home in Cleveleys to the Salford studios – and making the most of home comforts.

“Mum and dad can’t believe it, they are so excited,” she said.

“I used to watch Coronation Street when I was younger, as a family, but haven’t for a while, but my mum and aunties are big fans – they’re really obsessed.”

Lucy’s contract is currently for six months, but the door is staying open for Bethany to become a regular feature.

But, as it stands, Lucy’s just enjoying every day as it comes.

“I would love it if Bethany became a regular, but at the moment I still can’t believe I even have the part,” she said.

And looking further ahead? “I want to stay focused on this – it’s my first proper acting job, ever.”