Big Fish to Big One...Tim’s a fan!

Tim Burton
Tim Burton

A top Hollywood director, who filmed a music video based at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, has returned to the attraction to enjoy its rides.

Tim Burton, famous for films such as Batman, Nightmare Before Christmas and Edward Scissorhands, spent time there during a whistle-stop tour of the resort.

Earlier this week, the Pleasure Beach was awarded the accolade of the UK’s favourite amusement park by social review website TripAdvisor. It was also voted in the top 10 in Europe alongside some of the most popular parks on the continent.

He previously visited Blackpool in 2012 to direct a music video for US band The Killers. Burton said: “I am Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s number one fan and called by to congratulate this amazing amusement park on being the UK’s favourite.”