Pub announces a 17-day festival for beer-lovers

The Thomas Drummond pub in Fleetwood.
The Thomas Drummond pub in Fleetwood.

Fleetwood’s Thomas Drummond pub is staging a 17-day beer festival.

The London Street venue, known as “The Spoons”, will be serving 10 beers from around the world alongside beers from the UK during the event, which runs from Friday October 16 to Sunday November 1.

The beers on offer at The Thomas Drummond have been sourced from brewers in New Zealand, Japan, Australia, South Africa, Canada, Holland, Norway and the United States.

They will complement up to 25 beers from across the UK being served in the pub during the festival.

Pub manager Adam Coulson said: “This festival will be the perfect way for real ale enthusiasts to enjoy a range of excellent beers from overseas brewers. It will also give them an opportunity to support brewers throughout the UK, as the pub is featuring many of their beers.”