Meet the Hogwallops!

Meet the Hogwallops.
Meet the Hogwallops.

Blackpool’s Grand Theatre plays host to a brand new show this week as part of the resort’s Showzam! festival.

Showing Thursday to Saturday, Meet the Hogwallops has been specially commissioned for the festival and is presented by Lost in Translation Circus.

The Hogwallops are a vulgar, grotesque family who constantly bicker, scheme and play practical jokes.

They live in a chaotic crazy home that is more like an adventure playground where the ordinary always becomes extraordinary.

Every day activities are extreme, with simple tasks such as bedtime and teeth brushing needing a bungee and high level jet-spray.

Dressing is a game of flying aerial wardrobe antics, meal times are a nerve-wracking display of juggling food and crockery and dangerous knife throwing pranks are just a way of showing affection.

Bizarre, dysfunctional and comic, their warped sense of fun tips the world on its head.

Primarily based in the UK, the company also has a training base in Belgium and strong links to both Italy and Australia.

Their strength, flexibility and experience are their greatest assets.

Tickets cost £6.99 for children (under 14) and £9.99 for adults.

Phone the Grand box office on (01253) 290190.

The Showzam! festival itself, featuring magic, theatrical mayhem and much else besides, continue until this Sunday with a number of other events, including free happenings at Showzam! Central in the Olympia, Winter Gardens.

For further details visit or call Visit Blackpool on (01253) 478222.