Bottled up and preserved for water museum

Artist Amy Sharrocks, with extracts from her Museum of Water
Artist Amy Sharrocks, with extracts from her Museum of Water

Who’d have thought that something taken so much for granted could become a museum piece?

Water and all its varying forms and uses was celerated at a one off event on the beach at Fleetwood - and it certainly gave people something to think about.

London artist Amy Sharrocks brought extracts from her Museum of Water collection to show passers-by and to explain more about her work.

Armed with a variety of bottles in all shapes and sizes, Amy was keen to show and explain their contents, with the stories behind them, to get people to ponder the precious liquid and how it is used.

She set up at the Observation Tower at Rossall Point and was thrilled by the reaction from Fleetwood people.

There was a small Yardley perfume bottle with snow from 2012, condensation from a window in Yarmouth, water from the bath of a new born baby and a bottle of water which had been on a bedside table and said to be infused with dreams.

Amy, who is 43, said: “We are fortunate to be able to take water for granted and this idea encourages just a bit of time to think about it.

“I met some lovely people in Fleetwood, I talked all day, so much so, I nearly missed my train!

Over the last two years Amy has invited people to give her bottles of water that are precious to them.

“I’ve been surprised at how many people have given me water and got involved. There’s water from all over the world and the joy of public art is that it draws people in who wouldn’t usually go to a gallery, and encourages conversation.

“I thoroughly enjoyed being in Fleetwood, it has a wonderful coastline and was a great environment for the exhibition.

“I was amazed at how quickly the tide comes in. I swim regularly in the Thames but it doesn’t rise and fall like that.

Amy’s exhibition was commissioned by Lancaster University’s Live at Lica and was funded by Lancashire County Council.

Amy will be showing her work again at the university from May 8-10.