Dancing in the street: Time for resort to get moving The Blackpool Way as Showtown, LeftCoast and House of Wingz launch official dance craze

An entire Blackpool street was brought back together, strictly socially-distanced but shaking their hips and stomping their feet 'The Blackpool Way' for the launch of the new resort inspired dance craze.

Thursday, 29th April 2021, 5:04 pm
Updated Thursday, 29th April 2021, 5:06 pm

With thanks to the rising popularity of Tik Tok challenges in lockdown - creatives in the town - promoted by Showtown museum and LeftCoast,- banded together and put their best feet forward for the dancing competition to get the community moving.

And after many months in the planning and some fancy footwork filmed at homes across the resort, bright talent from House of Wingz dance school pieced it altogether and finally showed off the results by giving an exclusive dance lesson to neighbours in Horsebridge Road in Grange Park.

The street dance marked the official launch for the dance The Blackpool Way and was an afternoon of energetic fun. And residents, of all ages, were quick to pick up the steps to the new dance craze which it is hoped will capture the imagination of the town and the nation in 2021.

Dancers from House of Wingz present The Blackpool Way

Kerry Vasiliou, Showtown’s learning and engagement manager said: “Blackpool is known all over the world for its history of entertainment, so Showtown really wanted to celebrate the seaside town’s incredible dance legacy by creating a new dance craze that can be enjoyed around the world.

“After such a tough year, we really wanted to bring laughter and smiles to the UK again and get people on their feet again. We couldn’t be happier with the result, which is a truly global and unique dance.”

The dance, which pays homage to the legacy of Blackpool's world renowned dance scene features moves from ballroom, swing, hip-hop, tap, jazz and even line dancing.

It was created from more than 125 dances submitted from families who had filmed their ideas at home and then reviewed by Blackpool’s top dance talents.

Youngsters from the Grange Park area take part in Showtown's Blackpool Get Dancing campaign. Pictured are Harvey and Elliah Cumber, aged 10 and 8.

The winning routines were compiled and choreographed into a final dance.

Aish Bell-Docherty, House of Wingz creative director added: “Choreographing the new dance has been such an incredible experience, and it’s really shown off just how many people still have such a love of dance all over the world.

“Seeing families coming together today was incredible and we’re thrilled with the end result”.

Each step in the dance has been given a specific name, inspired by Blackpool, including the ‘Windy Walk’ and the ‘Wurlitzer’, making it even easier for the nation to remember each step when learning new routine.

Residents at Horsebridge Road learning The Blackpool Way

Tina Redford, LeftCoast’s Artistic Director said: “We know that there’s a true passion for dance in Blackpool, so what better place to launch a new viral dance craze than at this family seaside resort.

“From Strictly Come Dancing to the Blackpool Dance Festival, we really are the dance capital of the world and that shows in the incredible local talent that has come together to make ‘The Blackpool Way’ a reality.”

For more information visit https://www.showtownblackpool.co.uk/

House of Wingz present new dance craze The Blackpool Way