Girls combine forces for Fylde and Wyre athletics spectacular

800m runners at Stanley Park
800m runners at Stanley Park

Another great day on the athletics scene saw 195 girls represent nine schools in the Fylde and Wyre Combined Events Championships for years 8 and 9.

Every competitor must take part in four events: a sprint, a jump and a throw as well as the 800m.

Points from each event determine the individual winners, while the top four performers from each school count towards the team event.

In the Year 9 competition, the individual winner was Jasmine Carey from LSA Technology and Performing Arts College with 311 points, 26 ahead of her nearest rival.

Four fantastic performances in the hurdles (11.9s, 89pts), high jump (1.48m, 80), shot (7.08m, 71) and 800m (2:37, 71p) saw Jasmine finish ahead of Lydia Hunt (St Aidan’s) and Megan Jackson (Carr Hill ), both scoring 285.

Jasmine also received the event champion award for the sprints and jumps, while Stevie Ball (Lytham St Bede’s) putted the shot 8.23m to be the top performer in the throws and Holly Winstanley (St Bede’s) ran 2:34 in the 800m for the distance award.

In the Year 8 team competition, Lytham St Annes won with 1,063 points ahead of St Aidan’s (1027) and AKS (949).

The individual competition was much closer in this year group, with seven points separating first and second.

Lytham’s Megan Lewis came out on top with 264 points.

A great 100m time of 13.9 scored Megan 74 points, while a long jump of 4.16m (72), shot putt of 6.36m (64) and 800m of 3:12 (54pts) saw her home.

Close behind were AKS athlete Hannah Turner with 257 points thanks to a hurdles performance of 13.7 (71pts), long jump of 4.02m (71) and 800m of 2.45 (68pts), and Carr Hill’s Lily Mae Gray with four performances which scored over 60 points.

The team competition was just as close, with Carr Hill scoring 982, just 10 ahead of Lytham, with AKS in third with 955points.

Overall it was a fantastic afternoon which saw every competitor show great determination to overcome the challenges of four different disciplines, particularly the gruelling 800m at the end in the very hot conditions.

Year 8 team results

1 Carr Hill 982

2 Lytham 972

3 AKS 955

4 St Aidan’s 939

5 Rossall 893

6 Cardinal Allen 861

7 Millfield 858

8 Baines 791

9 St Bedes 570

Top individuals

1 Megan Lewis LSA 264

2 Hannah Turner AKS 257

Lily Mae Gray Carr Hill 257

3 Georgia Norman LSA 266

Top sprinters

1 Mary Broomhead C Allen 13.8 (100m)

2 Megan Lewis LSA 13.9 (100)

3 Hannah Turner AKS 13.7 (hurdles)

Top jumpers (all long jump)

1 Adelaide Hodgkinson St Aidan’s 4.25

2. Megan Lewis LSA 4.14

3 Hannah Turner AKS 4.02

Top throwers (all shot)

1 Katie Holt LSA 7.99

2 Gracie Fern Rossall 6.97

3. Pippa Rogerson Rossall 6.91

Top 800m

1 Sophia Singleton Rossall 2.34

2 Jenny Dawson AKS 2.42

3 Poppy Bridge AKS 2.42

Year 9 team results

1 Lytham 1063

2 St Aidans 1027

3 AKS 949

4 Rossall 947

5 Baines 926

6 Carr Hill920

7 Cardinal Allen 846

8 Millfield 827

Top individuals

1 Jasmine Carey LSA 311

2 Lydia Hunt St.Aidans 285

Megan Jackson Carr Hill 285

3 Skylar Bowes Rossall 277

Top sprinters

1 Jasmine Carey LSA 11.9 (hurdles)

2 Megan Jackson Carr Hill 13.4 (100m)

3 Lydia Hunt St Aidans 13.2 (hurdles)

Top jumpers

1 Jasmine Carey LSA 1.48 (hj)

2 Megan Jackson Carr Hill 4.43 (lj)

3 Lydia Hunt St Aidan’s 4.20 (lj)

Top throwers (all shot)

1 Stevie Ball St Bedes 8.23

2 Kate Farrer St Aidans 7.24

3 Ellie Mackle St Aidans 7.15

Top 800m

1 Holly Winstanley St Bedes 2.34

2 A.Micklehurst LSA 2.36

3 Jasmine Carey LSA 2.30