Darting around town with Roger Bleasdale

Fleetwood Friday Darts League
Fleetwood Friday Darts League

The problem is that darts players don’t worry about their diet.

Neither do they get a good night’s sleep.

Beer, burgers and kebabs should be avoided at all costs.

Especially at two o’clock in the morning.

Little wonder that so many of them run out of puff walking to and from the board.

Rather they should follow the example of the Spanish bullfighter.

Lithe and alert, he easily avoids the horns of the charging bull.

Ten hours sleep and a diet of milk and cheese, that’s all it takes.

Rocca Vages is a great bullfighter and darts player.

At five in the afternoon, he strolls down the high street in Madrid.

The shoppers chant, “El Rocca, ¿Dónde están sus toros y dardos?”

After signing a few autographs he pops into the corner shop to pick up a pint of milk and a lump of cheese.

Then it is Olé to bed and Olé to rise.

Rob Saunders from the Mount has obviously been eating the right stuff this season, for on Friday his aggregate soars past the thousand mark as he records win number four of the season to remain at the top of the individual pile.

Also on top of his game for the Olympians is Danny Ford. A 114 outshot brings the curtain down on his nine darts masterclass as the table toppers see off the challenge of their hosts Highbury ‘B’ by 6-2.

Wins for Anthony Rhimes and Roy Stevenson, the former ending the perfect start of Andy Parry Jones, the latter that of Steve Riley allied to a brace of losses on the arrows provide scant reward for the frustrated footballers.

Still within a point of the esplanaders are the ‘A’ teams from the Highbury and Dockers Clubs.

Ray Connolly is emphatically efficient in taking his place centre stage for the Highbury, as they run amok against the Cricket Club. A winning return to league action for Phil Schofield at least saves the Broadwater Boys from total annihilation.

Also winning 7-1 on the road this week are Dockers ‘A’, a final outcome that looked unlikely following victory for Strawberry star Andy Gratrix in the opening leg. Thereafter, things go rapidly downhill for the home side, a 96 finish by Brett Dawson and a consummate cameo from man of the match Mark Shewan the highlights of this bravura performance by the 2014 champions.

Defending champs the Lowther Lotharios take on the previously undefeated Blyth Spirits on Friday. Wins for the unbeaten Chris Blyth Junior and Cliff Blyth, are neatly counterbalanced by those for Jeff Walkington and Dale Newton at the halfway stage.

Sadly for the Spirits, the visitors prove too hot to handle in the second period, ten silky smooth darts from Steve Cowell, along with further wins for Dave Smith, Jordan Brooks and Steve Hadgraft seeing the Cons safely home and dry at 6-2 to the good.

The Queens Hotel looks to get back to winning ways as they welcome the Blasted Heathens to Beach Road. Early wins for domino duo Jamie Spore and Daniel Christian, get the home side off to a flying start, this before Roy McCabe, hottest heathen Al Morley and Gav Billington all win the edge the visitors ahead at 3-2.

Alas, that is as good as it gets for the Taverners, as skipper Mike Tallentire, top banana Jack Wilson and Harold Rees all win to secure a dramatic 5-3 win for the home side.

Sadly, I am unable to furnish any details of the match between the Workingmens and the Femme Fatales. Suffice it to say that the ladies secure their first win of the campaign down Kemp Street by 5-3, a result that leaves the Orientals still pointless and decidedly down in the doldrums.

Meanwhile, in Annie’s Attic, there is much consternation amongst the ranks of the Collapsibles. Having successfully secured their finishing doubles in the first two games, both Alan Taylor and Len Billington can only gasp liked beached haddocks as Les Ivison and Steve Fryer nip past them on the arrows in dastardly fashion.

A marathon leg then goes the way of unbeaten Biased Boy Mark Wilson, the home side finally getting a little wind in their sails when man of the match Stan Billington reduces the deficit to 3-1 at the halfway point.

Gaz Whitehead further reduces the deficit at the start of the second period, this before Alan Jackson secures at least a share of the spoils for the visitors after victory in game six. A gritty win for Mark Brook keeps home hopes alive in the penultimate leg, hopes finally extinguished in a tense final encounter by the victorious Phil Stanhope.

Also falling at the final hurdle on Friday are the Royal Oak, as last man Joe Lavery secures the first points of the season for the Peripatetic Pensioners. Best on the night for a deflated Deaduns is Paul Wood, whose disappointment is soon assuaged by thoughts of all the beer, burgers and kebabs to be consumed before the night is over.

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