DARTING AROUND TOWN by Roger Bleasdale

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Sport, in case you hadn’t noticed, can be a dangerous occupation. For every tale of glorious success there is another of tragic, often painful failure.

Some sportsmen it seems are just cursed and none more so than Bruce French, the England wicketkeeper during a 1987-88 tour of Pakistan. A well-meaning spectator hurled back the ball from the boundary only to hit the unsuspecting French on the head. Whilst walking unsteadily from the ambulance to the local A&E department, poor Bruce was knocked over by a passing car and ended up entering the building upon a stretcher.

I only mention this humorous aside having suffered a severe case of wrist strain myself on Friday evening, so often did I have to pick up Jimmy Doran and Steve Bridge’s loose change during a late night domino session at the Gasworkers. Such was the volume of damp coins in my pocket at the end of the game that I now have lumbago of the thigh and a sore hip from having to drag my overloaded right leg around for the rest of the night.

Also suffering somewhat at the moment is a certain fat lady, who up until a month ago could be spotted clearing her throat in anticipation of it being all over, as defending champions Fleetwood Cons charged remorselessly towards retaining their title with a substantial proportion of the season still remaining. Of late she appears to have developed a severe case of laryngitis as the Lowther Lotharios plod uncertainly down the finishing straight.

On Friday, Highbury ‘A’ recorded a significant 6-2 home win over the table-toppers, as Scott Hayton maintained his tremendous run of form for the victorious footballers. For the somewhat ashen-faced losers, it is merit leader Dale Newton who maintained his savoir faire, as those around him suffered a severe attack of the vapours. Still, I don’t suppose they begrudge Wesley a night off, given his fantastic win at the weekend.

Successfully trimming the deficit at the top of the table to five points on Friday was the Neighbours from Hell, this after a routine home triumph over visitors Highbury ‘B’, this despite a staunch bit of resistance from John Michael Shaw. Mark Shewan was belligerently brilliant for the victors, who must be relishing their upcoming match against the Cons with a degree more enthusiasm than appeared to be the case a couple of weeks ago.

Meanwhile, along the esplanade the Wyre Loungers were making merry at the expense of visitors from Beach Road, the Queens Hotel. A splendid 136 outshot by Danny Ford had them cooing in admiration all around the Marine Hall, whilst visiting skipper Harold Rees was suitably relived when son Ian posted victory and thus avoided the dreaded whitewash.

Elsewhere, the Collapsible Comrades are emphatically living up to their name on Friday, as they subsided to defeat down Broadwater, albeit that visiting skipper Neil Buston makes sure that he is above reproach with yet another splendid captain’s innings.

This week, it is the turn of Steve Butler to spend a little time basking in the spotlight for the Cricket Club; this after his win secured a 5-3 victory for the home side.

Also enjoying a 5-3 win on Friday are the Peking Ducks, Rick Lee again in top form for the Kemp Street outfit as they saw off a determined Bowling Club assault. Ian Iverson is best biased boy at the end of their disappointing visit to the Workingmens.

Gasworkers ‘A’ return in triumph from deepest Thornton, the star of their 6-2 win was Tom Duggan. Although Harold Davies was top dog for the Ashley on Friday, it is pleasing to note that new boys Craig Parnell and Joe Everitt both survived their debuts in the Land that Cabs Forgot undefeated.

The Mount consolidated fifth spot in the table with an excellent home win over the Atkin Juggernaut. Mike Pinder is best of breed for the Olympians, whilst for the debilitated Deaduns it was Kevin Thompson who was proudly defiant after refusing to buckle when faced with a dose of the Blyth Spirit.

Our final match this week saw the Blasted Heathens maintain their recent run of good form by taking both points at the end of an entertaining encounter away to the Wilful Adolescents. Although Dave Coulborn is suitably suave and debonair for an overwhelmed Gasworkers ‘B’ outfit, it is a 13 darts cameo from Chris Garton that has them smiling in contentment back in Rossall later that evening.

You will all be aware that Fleetwood is fast becoming the Mecca for BDO darts, culminating with the Home Internationals being contested at the Marine Hall on the weekend of the 9th and 10th of April. Wyre Borough Council has four weekend tickets to present to the winner of a simple competition. You can enter online by sending your contact details to wyrepr@wyrebc.gov.uk, or by picking up an entry form in reception at the Marine Hall. The closing deadline is 5pm on Tuesday the April 5th, after which one winner will be drawn at random and notified by telephone. The competition is not open to employees of Wyre Borough Council or their families.