Pressley: ‘Shutdown’ can revitalise Fleetwood Town

Steven Pressley
Steven Pressley

Fleetwood boss Steven Pressley is hoping to see his players re-energised after a total shutdown of the club this week.

Town’s players and coaching staff spent several days away after last weekend’s defeat at Blackpool.

The break coincided with Town’s free Saturday today, the result of their FA Cup first-round exit at the hands of Walsall.

But Pressley, who has a very strictly defined training system in place, insists it was a scheduled time away, which would have happened regardless of the fixtures.

“After the Blackpool game we had what we call a three-day shutdown,” he explained.

“We work on a certain periodisation of training. We do six weeks really intensely and then we have a down week.

“This has been the down week. It coincided perfectly with having no game at the weekend. It’s been a really good week for the group.

“We returned on Wednesday and are gradually building ourselves up to the levels we train at. By Tuesday we’ll be absolutely ready to go against Morecambe (in the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy northern semi-final).”

Pressley and his assistant Neil MacFarlane are both living away from their families.

The break meant the Fleetwood boss was able to return home to Leamington Spa for several days.

And he wasn’t the only one to take advantage of the break, revealing that some of his players might be pleased not to have to had to hear his voice for a couple of days.

“It was good for everybody,” said Pressley. “It was an entire shutdown of the staff.

“Working with myself and Neil (MacFarlane), you sometimes find we’re a little intense, maybe too intense.

“It’s good sometimes to get away, not hear the manager’s voice, not hear Neil’s voice and allow them time.

“There’s a lot of pressure from home as well being a football player.

“The break allowed players to spend a little bit of time with their families. And it allowed myself and my staff to spend time with our s.

“We’ve been able to almost completely switch off for those few days. I think you benefit from that. You come back and you’re re-energised.”

Pressley’s six-weekly shutdowns may not be an orthodox way of working.

But he’s taken inspiration from the game’s big guns and is hoping to be vindicated come Tuesday night, when the Shrimps arrive at Highbury.

“I’ve read a lot from the top managers who work very intensely,” he explained.

“That’s a big part of the way they go about things.

“They train their players exceptionally hard and then have these mini-shutdowns. It allows people to recharge their batteries.

“It’s the way we go about it. I’ll answer whether it’s right or wrong on Tuesday night.”