Kyle Dempsey delighted to repay debt to Fleetwood fans

Kyle Dempsey is most grateful for the Fleetwood fans' support
Kyle Dempsey is most grateful for the Fleetwood fans' support

Kyle Dempsey says he owed it to the Fleetwood Town fans to come back to the club and prove himself.

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The midfielder was out of favour last season and was loaned to Peterborough United.

But the 24-year-old has been one of Town’s best performers this season and the support of the Cod Army fans has played a huge part.

Dempsey said: “Ever since I arrived, the fans have given me great support and made me feel at home. This was a year in which I wanted to pay them back.

“I saw on social media last season the backing that I had from them and the support. It kept me going, to be honest. It kept me thinking, ‘Yeah, I am a good player and I’ve got a point to prove’. This year I wanted to come back and I owe it to them.

“Luckily the gaffer has given me a chance. I’ve taken it and I’m performing to a decent level.

“The balance that we have in midfield is perfect for me. Couttsy (Paul Coutts) gets on the ball and you’ve seen how many passes he makes in a game. It allows me to get on the ball a lot more.

“Jords (Jordan Rossiter) sometimes goes unnoticed but he does an incredible job for the team. That allows me to be a lot more forward-thinking and to be in the final third.

“It means I’m able to confront players, beat players and I’m always a lot closer to the box now. That is a positive thing for me and a key reason why I’m working on finishing each day.

“Now I’m back up there, it’s a chance for me to grab some goals.”

Fleetwood boss Joey Barton has given Dempsey (left) plenty of praise this season, revealing that the player consulted a sports psychologist.

Dempsey added: “Last year took me into a dark place. At times I didn’t even want to go into training.

“With the amount of disappointment I was dealing with, getting taken out of the side, I thought, ‘What is going on here?’ I started doubting my ability.

“My agent passed on the psychologist’s number and said to just have a little chat. I met him. I think my game has rocketed through the roof since. I don’t have any self-doubt anymore. The mindset I’m in is just positive.

“Every time I step on the field, I feel that if I deliver what I know I can, then I’m going to be the best player. That’s the mindset I’ve established this year.

“The psychologist built a positive mindset. Instead of dwelling on little mistakes, it’s about focusing on the positives and not thinking anything negative about any situation.”