Fleetwood boss Uwe Rosler’s reaction to Town’s 0-0 draw with Rochdale

Uwe Rosler
Uwe Rosler

Fleetwood boss Uwe Rosler says a draw with Rochdale was a ‘fair result’.

Town stretched their unbeaten run to 14 league games and retained their grip on fourth in the League One table.

David Ball had Town’s best chance as he fired wide after sneaking through on goal with Ian Henderson chipping the ball over for Rochdale.

Rosler said: “I think it was a fair result.

“There was not much in the game.

“They did a job on us.

“You see more and more teams try to stop us and we need to find other ways to win games again.

“I think the good thing is we keep our run going.

“We didn’t give much away they had one big chance, we had one big chance.

“In general we are a little bit disappointed.

“This season we have scored in nearly every game apart from two and (this game) was the second one.

“On the creative side on the passing side we didn’t pass the ball well enough, we did not keep the ball well enough we didn’t have the energy to defend and attack.

“Obviously in a home game we expect from ourselves a little bit more goal chances.

“I think we started the game well.

“They outnumbered us in midfield that is why we tried to match them up in the second half with the diamond and then we stopped them so they stopped us in the first half and then we stopped them in the second half.

“The problem for us was the first ball out of press was never going wide to the wing backs, it was always try to keep the ball or dribble through the middle and we lost too many balls before we even got four or five passes where we can then set ourselves up for our movement up front.

“The game was very erratic, a lot of duals, typical League One game at that time of the year when people are showing signs of fatigue physically and mentally.

“I think in general we expect more goal attempts, more goal opportunities from general play and unfortunately that did not happen.”