Fleetwood boss Rosler has the recipe for a FA Cup upset

They survived their own David and Goliath scare and now Fleetwood Town are at the opposite end of the scale

Town needed an FA Cup replay to get past Hereford FC and clinch a first competitive clash with a Premier League club as they host Leicester City tomorrow.

Uwe Rosler

Uwe Rosler

Head coach Uwe Rosler, who has a history of orchestrating FA Cup upsets, sees no reason why lightning cannot strike twice.

He said: “The importance of that (Hereford win) you can see already; with that sort of income that makes also things happen in the transfer market.

“Going into the Leicester game, I’ve been there before with Brentford; when we played against Chelsea, we took them to Stamford Bridge for a replay.

“I’ve been there with Wigan when we eliminated three Premier League teams as a Championship team.

“There is always hope, always a chance. Everything has to be spot on to go your way.

“For us everything has to fall in place to give ourselves a chance for a replay or for a massive sensation.”