Fleetwood Town head coach Joey Barton wants to strengthen the club’s links with the community

Joey Barton wants to further inspire Fleetwood Town's fans
Joey Barton wants to further inspire Fleetwood Town's fans

Joey Barton wants to invite local schools to come and watch his promotion-chasing Fleetwood Town side train.

The Town boss is keen to capitalise on the access that fans have to the club, with Poolfoot Farm having sections open to the public at all times and pitches available to be used.

He said: “We’re a community-based club and we should be inspirational to the local community.

“We’re now at a stage where I think we can say we’re playing great football, the lads are working hard, there’s a great culture here.

“We want to have the young fans, invite the schools down and come and watch the lads training because they’re all aspiring to be players.

“We do get that on a Saturday and Sunday here but unfortunately for them, when they come here to use the pitches and the facilities on the weekend, the first team are usually playing or it’s a rest day because they’ve just played.

“So, we would like to get some initiatives going where we can start engaging the local community.

“We’re totally transparent, we want them to come down and watch and give their feedback because it’s their football club.”

Barton also issued a rallying cry to the Fleetwood faithful, hoping to see a core group born that can help to spur on the team.

“We have to create an army at Fleetwood,” he said.

“There’s not a lot of people in the town but what we have to do is to get that noise that we generate in the home games, in the away games.

“I think the players do feed off it, and whilst there might not be five or 6,000 away following for Fleetwood, those that come, the lads do appreciate it.

“When they’re lively and loud and they get behind the team as they usually do it does lead to positive performances.

“My next big drive – I’ve been thinking about it a lot this week – is how we get that army travelling; that Fleetwood hardcore, ultra fan group who support us through thick and thin and come and make lots of noise in away stadiums.

“The players will benefit from it and I think it’s good football to watch. It’s really good football to watch at the minute.”