Fleetwood Town boss wants a uniform approach

Joey Barton is yet to taste defeat on the road as Fleetwood Town boss and some of the club's eagle-eyed supporters might have spotted a new pre-match habit.

Saturday, 25th August 2018, 10:00 am
Joey Barton has outlined what he wants to see from his players in terms of matchday conduct

When Town’s players arrive at Charlton Athletic, they will be wearing the same trainers, same socks and same club tracksuit.

Gone are the earphones when they get off the coach; instead it is a message of unity and an arrival as a team.

Speaking of the uniformity Barton said: “It is what we did at Burnley.

“Everyone wears the same socks, tracksuit and trainers for nothing other than it is not that we don’t want them to be individuals, of course we do.

“But I think we have to conduct ourselves in a certain manner when we turn up, I want people to realise just how aligned we are as a team.

“It is just a small detail, we’ve asked them not to wear their earphones getting off the coach.

“They can wear them on the coach and in the dressing room but it is important when you turn up, the game starts the minute you get off the coach.

“For me it is about imposing your will on the opposition.

“I just think it is the right thing to conduct yourself, you turn up and you look like a team.

“There is nothing worse for me than when you see them turn up in dribs and drabs and all looking different.”

Though his new away ritual might be taken from the Sean Dyche blueprint, Barton is doing something his mentor is not famed for – making changes.

But Barton says, like a chess game, he alters his side depending on the opponent.

He said: “I think I have proven that I have tried to pick a side to win a game.

“If that is the same side that is the same side.

“I do believe every game is a puzzle and it offers you things.

“Some days I am going to get it wrong. The opening fixture (AFC Wimbledon), I could have done it differently.

“But also, nights like Wednesday (Scunthorpe United), that is the beauty of having good staff and a versatility in the squad that can do different things.

“The difference between a Bobby Grant and Wes Burns is considerable but both pose different questions to left-backs.”