Alexander sees red over crucial moment

Bobby Grant fires Fleetwood ahead
Bobby Grant fires Fleetwood ahead

Graham Alexander rounded on referee Seb Stocksbridge after his side slipped to defeat at the hands of Port Vale.

But it wasn’t the penalty conceded by Town which enraged Alexander – it was a decision two minutes before.

Jamille Matt looked to have been brought down on the edge of the Vale box – Remie Streete the last man and certain to see red.

The decision not to award his striker a free kick was the turning point of the game for the Fleetwood boss.

He said: “It’s a disgraceful decision. The referee’s 15 yards away and the linesman says his view’s blocked.

“It’s not, I’ve seen it on the video but I knew that would be the case. Jamille’s got the touch, the lad’s taken him out. It’s a red card, it’s a disgraceful decision.

“Nobody’s bothered about it, it’s not given, I can’t explain it, it’s horrendous. It’s visible by two officials on two sides, it’s a definite, definite foul. Nobody cares about it outside of Fleetwood.”

The Fleetwood boss acknowledged his pleas for consistency are falling on deaf ears.

“We’ve been to managers’ meetings, I’ve spoken to the head of the referees.

“They hear from the people on the ground, the managers,the players and nothing is done about it.

“It’s no good talking about the future or what should be done. All we can talk about it what has happened and that’s a horrendous decision.”

Alexander insists his struggling side should have taken points from the clash. “We should have been out of sight at half-time, we should have been two or three up. Port Vale were probably happy to go in at 1-0 down,” he said.

“We need to take those chances to give ourselves a cushion so decisions don’t cost us.”