Your views: ‘If you can’t take criticism get out of the industry’

Nelcon Hotel on Palatine Road
Nelcon Hotel on Palatine Road

It was the most read story on The Gazette’s website all week – and it was hardly surprising it would spark a huge response.

‘You should be put on a diet’ - Blackpool hotel responds to bad online review

When angry hotelier Ken Evans told an unhappy punter via text that she ‘should be put on a diet’ after she left a scathing review of his B&B, many posters online criticised her for complaining after paying just £38 for two people for two nights.

But others branded the owner of the Nelcon Hotel on Palatine Road unprofessional for being abusive to Emily Chance, who had come to the resort with her husband to celebrate her wedding anniversary.

She said: “I left an honest review about how bad Nelcon Hotel is only to have one of the staff make it their business to go into my account and personally text me an offensive text from their personal mobile number to mine telling me I needed to go on a diet.

This should not be allowed, it was a little too personal and they had no right making personal digs to paying customers. It is an outrage.”

But Mr Evans said: “I don’t have a problem with people reviewing us, but what she wrote was a pack of lies.

“The hotel is not dirty and doesn’t smell. I don’t regret texting her at all. The review was disgusting and reduced a female member of staff to tears.”

Here’s your comments

Despite what you pay, you should at least have clean bedding if nothing else. A hotel is a hotel and it should be clean in the interest of guests. Not also that, if they want repeat business then the least they could do is clean surely?

Nadine Ann

£38 for two people staying two nights...I think you got what you paid for.

Marc Atherton

I think the way this hotel has responded to the review is completely 100 per cent unprofessional. Offering a hotel room for £38 for two nights is no excuse for lack of cleanliness. Everything the reviewer mentioned about the poor standards is completely within their rights to say. If the hoteliers don’t like having negative reviews left about them, they need to buck up their ideas and get the place sorted.

Matt Barson

Unfortunately you can’t make a living from £9 pppn. I have a B&B in Blackpool and I charge the standard tariff. For that you get a clean presentable room with fresh towels and a breakfast. We have repeat custom all year round. I don’t respond to good or bad reviews I think it makes no difference what is written.

Lyndsay Fieldsend

Whether it’s true about the place or not is irrelevant because you can never get emotionally involved with a customer who has made you angry. You always have to respond in a professional and courteous way.

He may not regret it now but probably will when customers hear about the text and feel that they cannot express their opinions without a backlash. Her weight has nothing to do with the moans about the place and it became personal. I’ve seen a few places over the years where the standards are low but the cleanliness should be still there.

Richard Goddard

You get what you pay for! Must check reviews prior to booking too. There’s some lovely places to stay in Blackpool. I own one of them and we work hard. Unfortunately there are some horrors too.

Rick Ferrier

If my husband took me somewhere like this for our second wedding anniversary we wouldn’t be celebrating our third!

Jaime Lee Atherton

If you’re a hotel owner saying “what did you expect..” that’s never a good way to run a business that deals in hospitality. This is why we’re building a new 5* hotel on the Prom. To up standards.

Victoria Banks

It does not matter how much was paid. The client is entitled to leave a bad review if it is warranted without backlash. If the hotel can’t take criticism then get out of the industry.

Alison Jones

My parents ran a B&B on Palatine Road for many years. It was spotless, had returning guests year after year

Marie Kelly

If I pulled up at this place I wouldn’t have got out of the car

Lesley Anderson

Perhaps she should have made a personal complaint to the owner/manager on arrival and/or discovery of the issues rather than make a complaint publicly thus potentially damaging their business. There could have been a genuine error by staff for example.

Employees can lose their jobs over reviews like this too

Riccy Caunce

Me and my husband booked hotels in Blackpool when we first got together, almost the same deal, £19 a night for the room, one place even included breakfast, but we booked these places as a bed to sleep in so we could spend time together, not for a wedding anniversary. My personal opinion, don’t expect the Ritz at 1*/budget prices.

Nathan Grundy

When we go to Blackpool for the week we only pay £40 a night for two. The B&B is lovely and clean, always clean our rooms daily, always ask if we need anything done. We wouldn’t go anywhere else

Nicola Dobson

No matter what the room should have been clean and the bedding and towels should have been changed, he is obviously aiming at stag and hen parties not couples looking at celebrating their wedding anniversary. Sadly booking on the internet does not always give you a true picture of somewhere

Marie Harvey

I’m a great believer in you get what you pay for

Sarah Smith

Wondering whether she’s been watching Four In A Bed on Channel 4 and got carried away with her review

Lulu McCoy

Looks lovely I must remember to book me and my Mrs in there for Valentine’s night...

Michael Coward

I just worked out that at £10 a day it’s actually cheaper than it is for me to be at home right now!

Tom Wagstaffe