YOUR VIEWS: Belt up or get licence points?


A road safety organisation has called on the Government to bring in penalty points for drivers caught not wearing a seatbelt while driving.

Breakdown organisation GEM Motoring Assist wants to see an increase in the penalties for drivers and passengers who do not wear a seatbelt on journeys, in line with those for mobile phone offences, which were increased earlier this year to a fine of £200 with six penalty points.

Drivers in Northern Ireland already face a three-point penalty on top of a £500 fine. In England and Wales it is only a fine of up to £500, with no penalty points awarded.

GEM road safety officer Neil Worth said: “We’d like to see the rest of the UK bought into line with Northern Ireland.”

It’s personal safety, so should be personal choice. I drive a HGV and at least in a wagon I can’t really see the point in them. It’ll take something very big and incredibly heavy to bring my wagon to a sudden stop.

Martin Bashford

They should be made to watch the film of someone not wearing a seatbelt flying through the windscreen and what they look like when the paramedics arrive.

Dorothy Norcross

No seatbelt, no access to free NHS health care if you have an accident. The country shouldn’t have to pay for their stupidity.

Lee Holding

Absolutely they should get points and bigger fines. Lives would certainly be saved by more people wearing them.

Gary William Cragg

If their kids don’t have them on, yes. Adults no. They can make an informed decision to live or die or be horribly disfigured in an accident. Their choice.

Slarti Bartfarst

It’s the law. Belt up or face the consequences. Simple.

Paul Walmsley

I don’t think it should be personal choice. Death, ok. But injuries place yet more strain on the NHS to take care of those ‘personal choicers.’

Steve Robinson

Next you get points for not sitting straight.

Lesirene Kearns

Yes. And for those who don’t secure their children a ban. Go to any primary school car park at drop off and collection in Preston and it’s shocking.

Victoria Millsop

Saw a child at my son’s school hanging out the back window while her mother was casually reversing and turning at a busy T-junction. I would scream if it was my child.

Kiah Nicole Kuzan

The biggest danger on the roads is a car full of kids with or without seatbelts. Biggest, most dangerous distraction ever.

Darrylle Sunderland

You should concentrate on drivers using phones while driving. Seen about three today.

Julie Mansford

Windscreens and heads don’t mix.

Patrick Edward Wootton

The police can’t enforce mobile phone users, so how will they police seatbelts?

Terry Anton