Plans for barrage over River Wyre are nothing new

MENTION of the River Wyre barrage scheme in the Fleetwood Weekly News (December 19) made me think that readers would be interested to know that an early proposal for such a scheme came from Captain John May Jameson in 1872.

He was a civil engineer to Sir Peter Hesketh Fleetwood and later to a baronet’s son.

He proposed “an iron way between both sides of the River Wyre, at the same time providing for the passage up-river of shipping”.

I have written a chapter on the Jameson family in my book, Fleetwood: A Pictorial History, which was launched from the served stern trawler Jacinta, at present moored in the fish dock near the Freeport, in the presence of the mayor of Wyre and guests.

This work is based on the actual correspondence of the founder of Fleetwood and upon the Fleetwood Estate papers, now at the Lancashire Record Office.

As chief librarian at Fleetwood Library before my retirement, I classified and catalogued these most interesting documents.

Catherine Rothwell Sherbourne Close Poulton