Letters - Why must we pay through the nose for transport?

A view across Wyre, including Hambleton, where transport links are problematic according to one letter writer
A view across Wyre, including Hambleton, where transport links are problematic according to one letter writer

This week, Weekly News readers have their say on Brexit, and the cost of getting around

We just want to make our own rules

I do not understand why people cannot accept what a democratic majority means.

We voted to leave and that is what the majority of the people in the UK wanted. Why is there all this talk, either of a second referendum or a people’s vote? We have voted and that was to leave, and that is what we should do – if the EU don’t want to be sensible and come up with a trade deal without strings attached, so be it, we will go to World Trade Organization (WTO) under these rules we trade with everyone.

All this talk, once again, of project fear trying to divide the public, when the vast majority of the British public won’t be affected in any way. Okay, things may be rocky at first, but we will ride it out, as we as a country have done on many occasion in the past.

Whatever political party you support, it’s of no consequence, the majority of the House of Commons think this is a bad deal, along with, of all people, President Trump. I would say to the Prime Minister, forget the vote, just carry on with a no deal and we will sorting ourselves out and trade with whoever we want.

We are not trying to fall out with the EU, we would just prefer to govern ourselves with our own rules.

Cliff Fazackerley

via email

Referendums are not a good idea

I cannot see how anyone can say the majority of this country voted to leave the EU – 17.4m out of a population of 65m-plus, less those ineligible to vote, does not constitute a majority.

Referendums are not a good idea. Very few of the people were aware of the facts, figures and politics involved.

Most just vote for what they hope will be the best for them.

Two old adages spring to mind: ‘Let sleeping dogs lie’ and ‘Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t’.

Rowland Fairhurst

via email

Travel links are daylight robbery

I was hoping that I might make contact with someone who could assist me with a dilemma.

I thought I had been invited to only two pantomimes over the coming weeks, but now I have been notified I must do jury duty at Lancaster in the new year. I cannot describe my excitement.

I live at Hambleton, and I have to get to Lancaster for 9.30 each morning.

A check of the bus and train timetables revealed neither of these ‘services’ (seriously, that’s what they’re called) would deliver me to Lancaster on time.

My car, like myself, is past its sell by date, and cannot be relied upon to deliver.

Upon reading ‘EX104 Lancaster(02.15)’, which accompanied the notification, I see that, even if my car makes it, ‘fees for car parking will not be met’. If there’s room at the Inn, they won’t pay for it (how’s that for Christmas spirit?). Taxis are the work of the devil and there’s nowhere to stick my bike. Further, I may be required to attend for up to 200 days.

I am contemplating robbing a bank – after all, they’ve been robbing us for long enough. This would preclude me from the jury service and I would get free transport to my trial! Jail? Well I didn’t say it didn’t have drawbacks.

Cunning plan B: Consider medical infirmities. Ah, I note from the literature that the only one they’ll consider as being

sufficiently serious is being dead, and even then, only on appeal.

Oo, just a minute – looking at leaflet ‘Juror’s allowances (11.15)’ “Warning: the court will only pay parking fees where it has given permission for you to claim them before you travel. You should retain the receipts to support your claim.” It would appear that this post dates EX104. The little rascals. They nearly got that past me.

Oh, Oh, Oh, Merry Christmas, but don’t hold your breath, I haven’t asked them yet and it doesn’t say they WILL give permission.

Bob Thorn

Main Drive