Letters - We can't build new homes in a flood zone

Wyre councillors were worried that a proposed development for Rosslyn Avenue in Preesall would be at risk of flooding
Wyre councillors were worried that a proposed development for Rosslyn Avenue in Preesall would be at risk of flooding

This week's mailbag includes letters on planning and development, safe driving and free TV licences

These homes are in wrong place

I was pleased to be part of the planning process at Wyre Council last week when I seconded a motion to refuse planning permission for a 39-dwelling development at Rosslyn Avenue, Preesall.
Many colleagues made the point that, although the development was acceptable, it was simply in the wrong place in a flood zone three.
It was disappointing that Lancashire County Council, as the lead flood authority, couldn’t be bothered to give their views as a statutory consultee.
The issue now is will the developer appeal? I hope not, but if they do I would urge Wyre Council to vigorously defend the decision of the Planning Committee.
What has always seemed indefensible to me is that when a developer’s application is refused then they can appeal, whereas when it is permitted the objectors can’t appeal except through a judicial review, which is costly and only challenges the process and not the decision.
Hardly natural justice – think again Government .
Peter Gibson
Leader, Wyre Independents
Councillor, Breck Ward

Speed limits are to keep us safe

This may be a rant, but I need to do it.
Driving my car from here to Leyland yesterday, and the motorway was quite busy but peaceful. I was quite comfortable at 70mph almost all the way.
Not so most of the other drivers. 70mph doesn’t ever seem fast enough for them, and I cannot understand the rivalry between them. One overtakes someone and they overtake them back and they must be doing at least 80mph, probably more. A couple overtook one driver and then cut in front of them to turn off to the M61.
Driving in Fylde is not so different. Here we have a 30mph limit, so why do cars suddenly catch you up and you need to make sure you are doing 30 and not 20? Seeing the other drivers’ faces in the mirror shows how they feel about you getting in their way.
Oh! And God forbid you are driving a moped! I do sometimes and no one seems to think they should stay behind. So they overtake and then slow down and I follow them.
Speed cameras are needed and fines should be higher – I don’t care who gets the money, we need more.
I am in my 70s and recently took a Drive Safely for Longer test and I was told that my driving was excellent.
My main point here is that speed limits are not made to annoy you, speed limits are made to keep us all safe.
Please drive safely.
Kathleen Smith
via email

Let’s face the rise of technology

Police use of facial recognition technology should be introduced nationally as soon as possible if it is considered to be successful.
There are too many do-gooders in society who bleat about anything. If technology is available to enhance law and order, then it should be utilised.
Law and order is in decline, so any system which reduces criminality must be welcomed.
As a retired police officer, I have to say the UK will never be in a situation whereby it becomes a police state. Those who fear such an introduction should keep looking over their shoulder.
Shaun Kavanagh
via email

It’s mean to take away TV licence

It is very mean-spirited of the BBC bosses to abolish the free television license for over-75s.
It is actually a cut in the living standards of the over-75s and a method of squeezing blood out of a stone.
I also think it is disgracefully making a profit at the expense of the elderly.
Shame on the BBC bosses!
Robert Neil Coupe
Address supplied