Letters - We all have a role to play when it comes to saving the planet, and we can start by cutting out plastic

A correspondent has written in expressing their fears for the future of the planet and the widespread use of harmful plastics
A correspondent has written in expressing their fears for the future of the planet and the widespread use of harmful plastics

This week's mailbag includes letters on the local elections, Brexit and an impassioned plea for us to think about the planet

Vote on the local issues in election

Soon we will have local elections but, with the current situation in politics, especially the behaviour of some politicians, how will it affect the results?

Will we see a mass fallout with the two major parties because of their totally undemocratic stance over Brexit?

Will we see an upsurge in popularity of UKIP and other pro-British parties?

Or will it be the same as ever, with the usual apathy from the voters? Will the candidates in the local election be compromised by the actions of their party MPs?

Can the candidates guarantee they will be on the council to act in the interests of their city and ward if they get elected or will they bow to party pressure and vote for white elephants?

Do not waste your vote on misguided loyalty, as the main purpose of these local elections are to obtain the best for your ward and city.

The question you have to ask is: “Do you believe the people making the present decisions are choosing the correct options for the good of the city?”

If you are of a negative persuasion, then this your opportunity to vote them out, regardless of Brexit.

D Angood

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Plastic is ruining our entire planet

I am writing about plastic pollution. Plastic has many effects on the planet, not just to the environment, but to human health and animal health.

Plastic does not break down compared to other materials, it stays in the environment for hundreds of years.

Post-mortems on aquatic sea birds show plastic is killing them due to the birds swallowing it. Post-mortems of whales have also shown them to have consumed a large amount of plastic.

Toxic chemicals have been shown to leach out into the environment. This can cause cancers, birth defects and endocrine disruption. Men in the USA have been shown to have high oestrogen levels.

We need to reduce the amount of plastic in our environment.

If you look in any supermarket, you will notice the amount of plastic used to wrap up food.

This has to stop.

I believe there are ways and means in which this could be achieved. For example, we could write to large national supermarket and retail companies, telling them to reduce their use of plastic.

We could also pick up litter and put it in the bin. This will mean it will not end up in the environment, ready to destroy the habitat.

Peter Guthrie

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What do all these Remoaners want?

I am getting really fed up of all the about-turns that many MPs are currently engaged in.

A lot of them wish to have another referendum in the hope that Brexiteers will see the error of their ways.

Also I get angry about remoaners who predict a ‘catastrophic crash out and mass redundancies’, with all the evils that come with leaving the EU. What I want from the Remoaners is a list of what they think will happen to the country. Let’s have a Remoaning response listing all the bad things so we, Brexiteers, can use facts against them.


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We surrendered the initiative

I and the 17.4 million others who voted to leave the EU did not vote to leave with a deal. We should have left the EU the day after the referendum and if the EU wanted to talk deals they know where we are.

The difference is that, instead of us going cap in hand to Brussels, they would be coming to us, the ball would be in our court.

Our politicians have handed the ball to Europe, and as any footballer will tell you, when you haven’t got the ball you can’t do anything.

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