Letters - The Conservatives are in chaos, so we need a general election

Cleveleys was ablaze for the Christmas lights switch-on, but some of the towns shopkeepers arent feeling so festive
Cleveleys was ablaze for the Christmas lights switch-on, but some of the towns shopkeepers arent feeling so festive

It's a mixed mailbag this week, with letters about crime in Cleveleys, chaos in the Conservative party and charity at Christmas

Now is time for a general election

The news is dominated by Tory infighting, but there’s plenty more news out this government don’t want us to know about.

The crisis in our country continues with the worst ever A&E performance in November, 21,000 knife crimes in England and Wales alone and 123,000 children now homeless.

Theresa May claims she is getting on with the job, but she’s neglecting our country while clinging onto power.

This government is in office but not in power. Time to step aside for those who can govern for the people of this country. Time for a general election.

Chris Webb

Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Blackpool North and Cleveleys

Who will stop all these break-ins?

I am writing as a shopkeeper in Cleveleys. My shop was broken into two Thursdays ago. I have been aware of the rate of break-ins at the shops on Victoria Road West over the past few weeks rising fast.

Boots have been broke into twice, the Pound Bakery, the working men’s club and this morning Superdrug for the third time, and the second time in one week.

No matter what defences are put in place, they are still breaking in.

The police are well aware and have not upped their patrols nor responded quickly. You never see the police regularly, even in the day time, and at night tey’re non-existent.

I thought I would write as no one seems to be doing anything – the MP or police – on this matter.

Gareth Robb

via email

Help the homeless this Christmas

Christmas should be a time of joy, but for thousands of homeless people across the country it will be anything but. While most of the country will be celebrating and enjoying a family meal, those who are homeless will face a struggle just to stay safe and escape the cold.

That’s why – outside of our year-round services – Crisis runs special Christmas centres that offer warmth, food, companionship, and access to vital services. Guests can see a doctor or dentist, have a haircut, and get clothes or bags repaired.

But we don’t stop there. At our Christmas centres, we introduce people to our year-round training, education and support with housing, employment and health. This long-term support helps people to rebuild their lives and leave homelessness behind for good.

Crisis at Christmas is a huge volunteer effort, and last year more than 4,000 people came through the doors of 15 our centres across Britain. For many, Crisis at Christmas offers a chance to relax, regain confidence and plan for the future in a supportive environment, away from the immediate hardships of homelessness.

We’re asking members of the public who want to help to support our work this Christmas and year-round – so we can be there for everyone who needs us and give people in the most vulnerable circumstances support to leave homelessness behind for good.

To find out more or donate to Crisis for Christmas visit: www.crisis.org.uk

Jon Sparkes

Chief Executive, Crisis

We are living in sad times

Has anyone wondered why our politicians are so ready to go to war or, if not that, then to sell arms to war criminals?

I used to think it was just the way of the world, random events would lead to conflict.

I now have a different belief, the belief that human nature is against war, and that our politicians are not acting in our best interests but in the interests of those who profit from war, either financially or through increased global power.

We live in sad times and have done so for centuries.

Julie Jones

via email