Letters - March 30, 2011

Night to remember for charity fund raiser

I JUST want to say what a brilliant night it was last week when a fund-raiser was held at the Wyre Light pub, Fleetwood, in aid of the Down’s Syndrome Society.

There was live music by the JEPS and Indigo Sands, and loads of raffle prizes donated by local businesses.

Well done to the organisers, Michelle Crook and Rick Christie, and supporters.

In the event of quakes...

MY letter in the Fleetwood Weekly News on March 16 was in response to views expressed by a reader about the Fleetwood Tidal Energy power plant.

In conclusion I said that careful consideration would have to be given in finding the best way forward.

I am therefore pleased to read that Wyre Tidal Energy Ltd is now pursuing the £2m feasibility study option.

The danger posed by a relatively small leak from the gas storage caverns is not from the turbines in the rover but from the high risk of an explosion in the void space above the turbines.

The view of the British Geological Survey with regard to earthquakes is that the hazard at the Preesall site is above average for the UK.

This view is conformed by incidents which have taken place at the ICI brine field.

When a nuclear plant us being designed, earthquake assessments are taken into account.

In view of the geological instability of the site at Preesall and the high incidence of failures of underground storage facilities it would seen sensible for Halite Energy to take account of earthquakes.

Would it not be wise to make this a prerequisite for the proposed planning applications?

Edward Greenwood,Fleetwood

Concern over plans

THEY say the “devil is in the detail” and while some of the detail of George Osborne’s budget statement has still to emerge we are starting to get a glimpse of what may lie ahead.

For example one of the announcements was for 21 new enterprise zones.

These are a re-run of Heseltine’s proposals from the 80’s but without the same resources.

My concern is not only that enterprise zones are a failed concept that will create very few new jobs, but what comes with them.

The new enterprise zones are expected to be in the larger industrial cities so, on the Fylde coast, we will probably never benefit from the investment or subsidies that they bring.

Moreover if they drain investment away from the Fylde coast to Manchester or Merseyside we will see even more jobs lost locally - something that we can ill afford.

I am also extremely concerned about the changes to the planning regulations.

There will be a “presumption of approval” for new planning applications in the enterprise zones that will “take planning away from NIMBY objectors”.

If this same legislation is eventually rolled out to all local authorities where would this leave local opinion on applications such as the Halite Gas Storage application or Mike Simmons application to redevelop Fleetwood Pier?

What Osborne & Co label Nimbyism others may call public opinion.

Our democracy has reached a sorry state if this is now to be swept to one side!

Coun Clive Grunshaw, Leader of Wyre Labour Group

Missing out on great gig

EARLER this month I attended a brilliant live concert when Hazel O’Connor played at the Marine Hall.

I would like to see the Marine Hall put on a few more like this - even though the attendance was a little disappointing. Where were you, Fleetwood?

Craig Swindlehurst, Norbreck