Letters - March 23, 2011

EU has stranglehold on British economy

AT long last, a cross-party group of MPs is demanding that British citizens must be given their democratic right to hold a referendum on whether or not to leave the EU.

UK governments of both main parties have, in the past, promised it but both have reneged;

The huge amounts we pay out Brussels is holding up the UK’s economic recovery.

F Clarkson, Fleetwood

Message is wrong

Edward Greenwood’s comments regarding the issues of a renewable energy producing barrage across the Wyre if positioned in conjunction with the hugely unpopular Halite gas storage proposal is scaremongering.

Edward is committed to the town and the barrage project but this is no way to fight Halite.

The main issues on barrage position, sea-going ship access, sedimentation changes and a whole host of other environmental considerations will be studied and determined by specialist experts and Wyre Tidal Energy is devoting it’s efforts to obtain £2m for such feasibility work.

The barrage is not new technology, it can be built with existing construction methods and it is an attractive investment for commercial funding if government support reaches that offered in Scotland. If Halite does get consent for gas storage, and there are any gas leaks in those salt caverns, the fact we have some turbines in the river will be the least of our worries.

Frank Heald, Fleetwood

Reasons for budget veto

I am surprised by the comments from Coun Tony Morley (Weekly News letters, March 16) as had he listened to our reasoned arguments in the budget debate he should have understood why the Labour Group opposed the proposals by the ruling Tory group.

While accepting the need to address the budget gap created by the global financial crisis the Labour Group condemned the approach of the incoming Coalition government.

They have chosen, through ideological dogma rather than economic need, to savagely cut public services. This approach is simply wrong – they are cutting too deep, too fast.

Putting thousands of people out of work and onto benefits will not address the budget deficit.

Many leading Lib-Dem and Conservative councillors, including Blackpool Council leader Peter Callow, have said as much.

We opposed Wyre’s budget as it was part of the Conservative-led government’s needless attack on public services which is particularly damaging to disadvantaged areas like the Fylde coast, with the high dependency on public sector jobs.

Coun Clive Grunshaw

Sell-off fear

COUN Marlene Colby (Weekly News letters, March 16) states that she thinks all would welcome a £20 million investment in Fleetwood. But not all would welcome a fish and food park.

What was achieved by passing this outline planning application is that the way is now open for the ruling, rural Tories to carry out what they have been planning for years.

Sell off one of the last remaining assets of the old Fleetwood Borough Council (the old town’s yard).

It is necessary to retain this land of Wyre Council can deliver proper services to the town, such as “in house” refuse collection.

Once “outline “ planning permission is granted it is virtually impossible to refuse it, and whoever buys can come back with a totally unrelated applications – flats, for example.

Marlene would have know this is why I abstained from the vote – if she’d listened.

Coun Ron Shewan