Letters - March 16, 2011

Moved by the story of a lovely little girl

I WISH to say how moved I was by the recent TV documentary about little Leah Garfitt.

To me, the wonderful thing was the relationship portrayed between this lovely little girl and her mother, Lindsey Patterson.

Bless them, they are two angels, and bless the people of Fleetwood who have obviously supported them so much.

Jim Crewdson, Grimsby

Don’t knock our town!

I THINK we have all welcomed the idea of the new fish & food park for Fleetwood, which will bring in £20m investment to the town.

It will guarantee the existing jobs and increase jobs by 20 per cent over the next five years. This is just great for the people of the town.

Part of the area to be used will be the old Fleetwood town yard.

So you can imagine how bemused and confused I was when at the last Planning Meeting of Wyre Borough Council we had an outline application for the new fish and food Park and Coun Ron Shewan abstained his vote. He really did seem to be against it as all the other members on the committee all voted for it.

The town is screaming for this to be built – for all the new jobs it will create.

I just cannot understand why anyone would abstain as it really is a win situation.

Why do people keep running a town down when so much is now coming our way?

But it was same when we set the nil increase for Council Tax the Labour Group knocked that. So lets stop knocking Fleetwood and start looking for ward to the wonderful schemes which are coming our way.

Coun Marlene Colby, Rossall Ward

They may regret it

WYRE Borough Council is one of the few local authorities in the country which has produced a budget to protect all frontline services whilst guaranteeing there will be no rise in Council Tax.

Savings of more than £300,000 have been made by streamlining the management of the council and passing on the savings to residents – Council Tax payers throughout the whole borough.

To the amazement of any right thinking person, the Labour group of councillors voted unanimously against the budget!

This effectively means that the Labour group have voted for a rise in council tax, less Police Community Support Officers on our streets and potential cuts in frontline services.

They may find they have reason to regret their negative attitude on local election polling day in May.

Coun Tony Morley, Cleveleys Park ward

Wonderful response

AS one of the main organisers of the recent variety show at the Marine Hall, I am happy to report that the show, combined with an earlier event at The Dockers Club, raised an amazing £3,816 for Brian House and Fleetwood girl Summer Atkinson.

It was a wonderful night and the support from the Fleetwood people was as brilliant as ever. My thanks to all involved.

Simon Cowell’s bodyguard, Tony Adkins, helped us. He raised £70 by allowing the public to have their picture taken with him.

Those who had their photos taken with Simon Cowell’s bodyguard should now give me a ring to select their pictures. Phone (01253) 872442

Tom Johnson, Fleetwood