Letters - March 09, 2011

Up security but don’t leave Mount empty

I AGREE with the letter written by Denis Blackmore of Australia in regard to extra security needed if they put a cafe or some other things into the Mount pavilion.

However, I don’t think fear of vandalism should stop something being done with the building.

It would be such a waste if it was just left there when good use could be made of this iconic building.

J Abbott, Fleetwood

Postcard appeal

I’m not sure if you can help me, but your readers were instrumental some years ago in helping me trace a postcard from the Della’s dogs show that used to be held in the old Bilton’s Marionettes Puppet Theatre in the Marine Gardens for a few years in the early 1960s.

I’m hoping they may be able to help again. I have been a regular visitor to Fleetwood since the 1950s and I’m trying to trace a postcard which was sold in the town during the 1960s and which showed the old Esplanade Lifeboat House, with a high choppy sea and a motor trawler passing out to sea.

The card was a black and white photo and I think the publishers were Bamforth’s and it may have had a crinkly cut edge.

It’s the last of a collection of postcards of Fleetwood from that era that was lost due to a house move some years ago, that I have not managed to replace and it is proving the most elusive.

Ian Hannah

Praise for kind gift

ON behalf of the Fleetwood Old Boys band, I would like to thank Peggy Whittaker (chair) and Veronica Beavers (treasurer) and the other committee members of Fleetwood Community Association, based at the Milton Street Youth and Community Centre.

New “wind and waterproof” jackets have been bought for use in inclement weather, and the donation also covered the cost of printing “Old Boys Band” on the back of them.

The band applaud the work of the Community Association with young people, as well as this generous offer.

Ian Woods, Wensley Avenue, Fleetwood

Dogs should be tagged

ON the subject of dog orders and dog fouling, I have long believed that dog fouling is one of the biggest problems facing us in Fleetwood.

Not only does it look a terrible mess, but it carries serious health implications and can cause blindness if young children are exposed to it.

I believe one solution would be to introduce dog tagging - this being a microchip placed in the dog’s fur which gives wardens information on the owners of the dog.

In my opinion this should be compulsory and owners who refuse to do it should be fined.

The tag would ensure that when a dog fouls and is caught doing it, the authorities know who the owners are.

In this day and age, it is shameful that we still have the terrible problem of dog mess across the town - and elsewhere in this country.

Malcolm Ratcliffe, Bold Street, Fleetwood

Location for barrage

THERE has been quite a lot of discussion on exactly where the proposed Wyre barrage scheme would be placed.

Seriously, it should be put at the ferry because here the river is narrow and the land is high. Additionally, it would give a greater capacity for power.

This could be done while normal river and dock activity carries on, as it could be that the port returns to use soon!

Antoine Bamber, The Ridgeway, Fleetwood

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