Letters - Helping us oldies get fitter will save millions of pounds

There are many ways for senior citizens to keep fit, but perhaps some organisations could do more to help?
There are many ways for senior citizens to keep fit, but perhaps some organisations could do more to help?

This week's mailbag includes letters on helping senior citizens get fit, an excellent idea for cleaning up after pets, and the usual Brexit complaints

Come on YMCA, help us get fitter

Are you an OAP, on your own, not in the best of health, money a little tight, get a bit lonely because you don’t meet many people?

Well don’t despair, come along to your local YMCA and meet other OAPs, start doing gentle exercises, have a program designed just for you, do the odd Pilates class – all for free. Then pop downstairs to the coffee lounge and have a cuppa with your new found friends.

Just what the doctor ordered and, within a couple of months you will start to feel better in yourself, a little fitter, a bit more confident, more outgoing the world is looking a better place. How I’ve progressed from those dark depressing days of solitude, feeling ill and weary, nothing to look forward to.

Look at me! A new person, new lease of life, feeling much better about myself, how my life’s improved.

Now my 12-week free trial period is up, what happens next? “£299 please,” says Mr YMCA. “But I can’t afford £299 on my meagre pension.”

The End.

No concessions for old people, even though the buildings are half-empty every morning.

I am campaigning for reduced YMCA rates for senior citizens across the Fylde coast, just for morning access.

I have written to the powers that be and no joy whatsoever. No one’s interested.

So please, join me in my campaign.

Gerry Townson

Thornton Cleveleys

Britain can grow outside the EU

In June 2016, the British people voted to leave the European Union, and many people who had never voted before voted because they thought their voices would be heard.

Mrs May announced that “Brexit means Brexit” and “no deal is better than a bad deal”. Unfortunately, she has done an about turn and negotiated a deal that would not give us the benefit of Brexit, but keep us tied in the EU indefinitely with no say, and for which we pay £39 billion for the privilege.

This deal has been rejected by the people and parliament. The prospect of a no deal or trading on World Trade Organisation Rules is gaining popularity with the public, as it delivers most closely the vision of Brexit that most people voted for. Yet we are facing a daily bombardment of scare stories, and politicians across the political divide are gearing up to thwart the process.

The truth is, civil servants have for two years been working to make a smooth transition on WTO rules. The boss of the Port of Calais announced this week that there would be no hold ups at the port. A large proportion of our trade is already done under WTO rules, and these exports have grown three times faster than those to the single market.

The UK’s prowess was built on global trade. Outside of the EU, operating on WTO rules, the UK’s traditional industrial and commercial spirit could be resurrected for the benefit of all.

Ultimately, it is up to the British people to ensure the Brexit we voted for is delivered.Democracy is at stake. This is the time to make our feelings known to our MP s and to press them to have the courage to fight for our country.

Name and address supplied

A great idea to clean up area

What an excellent idea, the Community Poo Bags Boxes are.

The boxes are empty washing tablet containers stocked with an assortment of small bags you would normally throw away.

A big thank you to all those who have started to refill the boxes. All those people who complain about dog fouling, copy this great idea, which was started in Blackpool by a responsible dog walker.

All the items are free,simply recycle, and install them in your area.

There is no excuse then for people not picking up, and depositing their dog poo in their own bin.

Jennifer Roberts

via email