Letters - Dock project is exactly the boost Fleetwood needs

An artists impression of the proposed development of Fleetwood docks
An artists impression of the proposed development of Fleetwood docks

This week's mailbag includes letters on the £150m project to redevelop the port's docks, our energy needs and the late, great Scott Walker

Dock project will be a huge boost

I read with interest the article in the Weekly News regarding the ambitious £150 million plans to transform a large area of Fleetwood docklands (March 13, 2019).

The plans are to be presented at the world’s leading commercial property investment event in Cannes. Should the project manage to attract potential investors, it would be a massive boost to Fleetwood and the surrounding areas. I wholeheartedly agree with John Woodman, a director of Wyre Dock Developments, who appear to be the driving force behind the project, there is massive potential in Fleetwood, it just needs someone with vision, focus and finance to follow it through.

I hope Brock Carmichael of Liverpool (commercial architects), who will present the scheme on behalf of Wyre Dock Developments, are successful and manage to attract the investors needed to take this ambitious plan forward.

I note the proposals incorporate a vital link with the national rail network, so may I suggest Wyre Dock Developments contact Sam Flynn (Trams to Lytham & Light Rail Association) who sent a letter to the Weekly News in the same issue regarding a “Chance to create rail for the future”.

Good luck to all involved, and hopefully the outcome is successful.

Ellen Bater

via email

What does HM think of Brexit?

MPs seem to think the peasants – as they call voters – will go away and leave them to put feet up.

Is this country turning into a dictatorship? The 52 per cent of people who voted to leave the European Union won’t walk away quietly.

I would like the Queen to give her views on Brexit, as she is supposed to be head of state, instead of reading about her husband’s driving.

Theresa May wants to remember the real reasons why we voted to leave the EU, because voters don’t forget.

M Jarvis

via email

Keeping lights on must be priority

I was astounded to learn that more than half the gas we use is now imported at great cost, including, increasingly, in ships from Russia.

I think it is about time we had an honest discussion about where our energy comes from and how we can utilise sources we have in the UK.

Nuclear and North Sea gas will be virtually non-existent in the next decade and, while renewables are growing, they will not fill the gap and we are still to overcome their intermittent nature.

We risk being held to ransom by the likes of Russia.

The debate about our energy sources needs to include shale gas. We need to understand the environmental, social and economic impact of shale gas compared with other sources.

Is it really sensible to rely on foreign gas when there’s an abundance under our feet?

This is the type of question we need to be asking.

I, for one, believe keeping the lights on and our central heating boilers working must be their priority.

Stewart Pimbley

via email

Scott was a giant of popular music

Scott Walker had everything going for him in the 1960s.

He had good looks, a great voice, and he led the Walker Brothers to the top of the charts.

My favourite song of theirs, as was my late mother’s, was My Ship is Coming In.

I remember watching them perform on Top of the Pops with my mother. She said: “One of these days our ship will come in”.

It never did, but I gave the record a spin on Mother’s Day in her memory and remember just how good Scott Walker was.

John Appleyard

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