Letters - April 6, 2011

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Regarding your Letter of the Week (March 30) from UK Independence MEP Paul Nuttall, I agree with him that we need to be careful about our involvement with Libya.

But I still think we did the right thing by using air power to cower Gaddafi’s troops. Had we not done so, I believe this maniac would have caused large-scale massacres and we’d have those on our conscience.

Robert Davies, Cleveleys

Give pubs a break

I THINK some of the big breweries operating in this country should go easy on pub landlords and try and reduce their prices.

In Fleetwood, many pubs have struggled and we have lost a fair few in recent years.

I agree with Benny Emsley (Weekly News) who says that the companies should help the men and women running their pubs. It is all very well increasing profit margins but if your pubs can’t make a profit, or even break even, no one is the winner.

I have seen some lovely old pubs in Preston, Blackburn and Fleetwood shut down, and some will probably never re-open.

This can’t be allowed to happen. Save our pubs!

Jim Gray, Mount Road, Fleetwood

Left to sort the mess

I REFER to Councillor Grunshaw’s letter in last week’s Weekly News in which he has the cheek to criticise the Chancellor’s Budget.

The Chancellor had little room for manoeuvre after the disastrous state of the country’s finances left after the last Labour government.

But as usual he offers no alternatives. What or where would the last Labour government have made cuts?

It was the same at the budget meeting at Wyre Borough Council.

After the ruling Conservative group had proposed a council tax freeze and other measures which protected frontline services, what did the Labour group, led by Councillor Grunshaw, do?

Nothing. Not one amendment of any kind, just to vote against, without giving any reason.

To try to discuss anything financial with the Labour group is like asking a blacksmith to perform brain surgery.

I would also like to comment on Councillor Shewan’s statement of a couple of weeks ago, when he stated that not everybody wanted the Fish Park.

I can tell him that at least 600 people do, That’s how many jobs are at risk if we don’t get the Fish Park.

I know Wyre is doing its utmost to secure funding after North West Development Agency pulled out.

It would appear to me that Labour councillors are ignorant of the circumstances we are in.

So all they ever do is come out with negative statements which bring our town down. Come on get real and start talking more positive.

Coun Keith Riley

Rink boon

I WAS very pleased to read that the ice rink in Cleveleys is about to open.

This is just what we need in our area.

In an ideal world I would like to have seen it open in Fleetwood because I think this town could do with a shot in the arm, but Cleveleys is just down the road.

And with The Vue cinema next door to the rink, it is even better.

I still would like to think that some big attraction could come to our town.

We have 28,000 people here, we’re close to Blackpool, we will have a modern tram link by 2012 and who knows, even a train link in five years.

The people who look after our tourist interests should beef up our appeal; we need to attract outside investors!.

Ken Roberts, Fleetwood