Youngsters to sit on the town council

Coun Jack Harrison
Coun Jack Harrison

PLANS to elect youngsters to Fleetwood Town Council are gathering speed.

Coun Jack Harrison has liaised with all the schools in the town since the beginning of the Autumn term and he says he is now in a position to begin elections.

Coun Harrison hopes that by electing youth representatives to the council they will have an opportunity to represent classmates, while helping to formulate plans for youth policies.

He said: “It has all been very positive and I’ve found it very encouraging.

“Some senior schools are going to be the main ones involved and I would like to see them in the chamber with us.

“It would be very handy to have youth councillors and to listen to their views first hand.

“It would help the council and it would help Fleetwood.”

Cardinal Allen Catholic High School, Fleetwood High School and Rossall School are all involved with plans to elect their pupils to the council.

Cardinal Allen already have a youth council operating in their school and have seen first hand how a role in politics can benefit a child.

Philip Mooney, headmaster at Cardinal Allen, said: “Our pupil council makes a huge contributions to many different aspects of school life.

“They influence policy, help us mentor and give direction to pupil welfare in general. The opportunity for young people to work in local community affairs should be embraced by young people and their mentors.”

Cardinal Allen say they are actively encouraging their pupils to become involved because it will allow them to increase their awareness of issues which effect them.

Elaine Sherriff oversees the running of the school’s council.

She said: “We are 100 per cent behind this because our students will recognise democratic processes and how the council works.”