Youngsters come face to face with Milly Moo, Cuddles and Smooch

The first lambs of the season have arrived at Farmer Parrs in Fleetwood – and the appropriately-named Cuddles and Smooch have been getting a lot of attention from visitors.

And Jersey cow Milly Moo is just as loved. “She’s just beautiful, she’s quite timid but she’ll soon find her feet,” said staff member Sophie Wells.

Milly Moo’s name was chosen for her by the farm’s “oldest and wisest” member, Oliver the sheep.

Ms Wells added: “We’ve been really busy with people coming to feed them.”

Milly Moo, Cuddles and Smooch all arrived from neighbouring farms – the calf was born as one of twins and the lambs were orphaned. They will soon be joined by more lambs as the farm’s 15 sheep prepare to lamb. Feeding times for the lambs are at 11am and 1pm each day at the Rossall Lane farm.