You’ll like this – not a lot – but you’ll like it!

Paul Daniels is coming to Fleetwood.
Paul Daniels is coming to Fleetwood.

He isn’t on our TV screens too often these days, but magician Paul Daniels hasn’t put away his box of tricks.

In fact he is heading to Fleetwood next week to perform his act here for the very first time in his long career.

Paul is performing at the town’s Marine Hall with his latest show, the First Farewell Tour, this Saturday night.

Not that the livewire 75-year-old is about to retire just yet.

He told the Weekly News: “My manager reminded me I had another tour coming up and we needed a comic title.

“The last time it was Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow, so I needed another good one.

“The Rolling Stones have been doing farewell tours for years, so I thought if it’s good enough for them we’ll have it.

“I’ve no plans to retire just yet, but when I stop getting the calls I’ll know it’s time. I wouldn’t want to be still struggling on as a dodderer!”

Paul is still a household name, namely because his Saturday night TV show was such a long-running success.

The Paul Daniels Magic Show ran from 1979 to 1994 on prime time TV and the combination of his audacious illusion routines, comic patter and spectacular guest acts brought huge audiences.

He catchphrase was “You’ll like this, not a lot, but you’ll like it.”

Paul admits money is one factor in his continued touring, but he says theatre pay is not huge, and adds that he still loves performing and thinks live shows are better than TV. Hence the visit to Fleetwood.

He is not a complete stranger to the town, having made a brief appearance on stage during in a charity concert for the armed services two years ago.

But this will be his debut performance with his own show.

He said: “I have been to the Marine Hall and I’m looking forward to performing here - it’s a great show.”

And he won’t be alone – his glamorous assistant and wife, “the lovely Debbie McGee” who featured on his TV show, will be by his side as usual.

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