Wyre residents happy with their lot - but Fleetwood folk not so much, says survey

A new Life in Wyre survey suggests 80 per cent of residents are satisfied with where they live. But in Fleetwood the figure was 62 per cent - the lowest in the borough.
A new Life in Wyre survey suggests 80 per cent of residents are satisfied with where they live. But in Fleetwood the figure was 62 per cent - the lowest in the borough.

It is known for its community spirit, impressive sea front, thriving football club and fishing heritage.

But Fleetwood residents are still the least satisfied with where they live compared to other residents across Wyre, according to a survey in the borough.

The Life in Wyre survey is carried out by Wyre Council every two years.

When asked if they were happy with the place they lived, 62 per cent of the respondents from Fleetwood said they were.

This was lower than other ares such as rural Wyre, Thornton, Cleveleys and Poulton.

Poulton residents were the most satisfied, at 90 per cent, in Rural East Wyre it was 88 per cent, Rural West Wyre 83 per cent and “Thornton Cleveleys” 81 per cent.

These findings proved similar to previous surveys.

Overall. residents in Wyre were happier with where they lived (80 per cent) than the national average (78 per cent).

The study also suggested that Fleetwood had the most residents (47 per cent) who felt that activities for young people in their town needed improving.

And Fleetwood people were most concerned about irresponsible drivers (49 per cent).

Port residents were also the least satisfied with the service from Wyre Council, with only 40 per cent of those asked feeling that the council provided value for money, compared to 55 per cent in both Poulton and Thornton Cleveleys.

The survey results were collated from a sample of 3,500 randomly selected households, from which 1,184 responses were received.

Of these, 210 were from Fleetwood.

Fleetwood councillor Ruth Duffy questioned the effectiveness of the survey but said she was not surprised at the findings.

She said: “I always wonder how accurate these surveys are and if they ask enough people, but I’m afraid I agree with these findings.

“Fleetwood always seems to be bottom of the pile when it comes to investment and amenities.

“In comparison, Poulton and Cleveleys town centres are vibrant.

“Lord Street, in contrast, is dead. I don’t like to talk my town down, but people here tell it like it is.”

Fleetwood has been boosted by investments in the town in recent years, such as the £2.4m boost for the Memorial Park and the £1.5m Five for Fleetwood scheme, which included a skate park, although this too proved controversial.

But Coun Duffy said: “When money comes, it is always from other bodies, never from the council.”

Wyre Council says the survey is important as it aims to use it to help tailor services effectively and look to see what areas needs improvement.

On a wellbeing scores to measure mental health, Fleetwood had one of the lower scores of 22.7, but this was only marginally lower than other areas.

But Fleetwood scored high (71 per cent) when residents were asked if they would speak to a friend or family member over mental health problems - and also the highest (70 per cent) when asked if they would seek any help for a mental health problem.

The full survey report was presented to councillors at Wyre’s Cabinet yesterday.

The report stated: “The 2018 survey was posted out to a sample of 3,500 randomly selected households.

“Unlike previous years, the survey was not hosted on the council’s website or shared through social media channels.

“This has enabled a more reliable, random sample of responses which are statistically representative of the overall borough population.

“There was an excellent response rate of 34 per cent, that is, 1,184 responses were received which is a slight increase on the 1,158 postal responses received in 2016.”