Witches to cast a spell in park

The Gambolling Theatre Company who are performing The Witches at Fleetwood Memorial Park.
The Gambolling Theatre Company who are performing The Witches at Fleetwood Memorial Park.

The Witches fly into Fleetwood Memorial Park on Sunday for two outdoor performances of Roald Dahl’s classic tale.

Wyre Council and the Friends of Memorial Park have worked together to 
secure funding from the Big Lottery Fund to stage free 
outdoor theatre.

And it’s all part of the wider project which will see the park restored with a £2.4m 

Michelle Hargreaves, from the Friends of Memorial Park, said: “We have some fabulous events planned for the park in what historically is a very significant year. It’s amazing what Wyre Council, the Friends and the community have achieved by working 

The park is currently undergoing a huge transformation which will see alterations to restore its heritage and bring it into the 21st century.

Work is under way to 
restore the pond, widen it and to reintroduce a stream.

A Wyre Council spokesperson said: “We’ve lowered the water level, which has enabled us to survey the edges to see what repairs are required, and remove rubbish and stones from the bottom. Silt from the pond has been pumped into bags which 
filter it from the water – these will remain on the park temporarily. Restoration work on the pond will begin when the contractor starts on site.

“We are hoping to see a good turnout for The Witches on Sunday. The park provides a perfect natural arena in which to experience all the colour, sound and excitement of live performances.”

The Witches tells the story of one boy and his grandmother as they try to outwit an evil group of witches who look and act like normal women, but are secretly plotting to get rid of every child on earth. The Gambolling Arena Theatre Company will perform the free shows at 12pm and again at 2pm. Families can also come early to performances and take part in mask-making and other craft activities, also free of charge.