Who owns Fleetwood’s Wyre Light?

Wyre Light, Fleetwood
Wyre Light, Fleetwood

Pinpointing who owns Wyre Light is proving a struggle as campaigners make fresh moves to try and save it from crumbling.

The 174-year-old structure is in a bad way after a devastating fire in 1948 – and a question mark still hangs over who has responsibility for it.

Wyre Light before it was wrecked by fire.

Wyre Light before it was wrecked by fire.

Anne Martin, who lives in Pharos Street, is a member of the Lighthouse Keeper’s Association and has worked behind the scenes for 12 months to try and establish ownership.

She said: “No one will admit to owning it.

“We thought it was the Duchy of Lancaster, but I have been in touch with the head quarters in London and they say it doesn’t belong to them.

“Trinity House, Wyre Borough Council – we have covered lots of avenues but we still can’t determine who owns it.

“It’s in real danger, it could crumble any day now and that would be a part of Fleetwood’s history lost. We are the only town in Britain which has three lighthouses.

“The Lighthouse Keeper’s Association is interested in saving it, but until we find out about ownership we are at a standstill.”

Steve Carroll, Fleetwood RNLI mechanic, says the lighthouse is on its last legs.

He said: “The old frame is supported in parts by steel but it is crumbling, it needs work.”

A Facebook group has now been set up in a bid for local people to work together to try and preserve it. The group is called Save the Wyre Light Lighthouse and can be found at www.facebook.com/groups/1454225908182977/

A spokesman for the Duchy of Lancaster said: “We can confirm the Duchy does not own the lighthouse.

“We have in our records a conveyance of foreshore dated March 14, 1881 to The Fleetwood Local Board which includes the lighthouse.” Wyre Light stands two nautical miles offshore marking Wyre’s navigation channel.